Flow-Applied Flooring

owable floor screeds are manufactured to produce a free-flowing, self-compacting screed, which aims to provide a level surface prior to the application of the floor finish.  Flowing screeds are available in various mixed designs and are used as part of many flooring systems Mapei – Ultratop Mapei Ultratop is a functional, self-levelling cementitious system designed […]

Flowable Polyurethane  

Sherwin Williams – FasTop™ SL23 Sherwin Williams – FasTop SL23 is a 3mm thick, polyurethane cement, self-levelling resin floor system which provides a heavy-duty finish with chemical, hot water and abrasion resistance.  FasTop SL23 is a food-grade, non-taint and oodourless product with HACCP International certification making it ideal for food and drinks production areas.  It […]

Decorative Screed

Decorative Screeds For floors subject to heavy loading, abrasion and chemical exposure, using a decorative screed produces a hard-wearing and attractive impervious sealed surface that is ideal for use where a seamless decorative finish is required. Sherwin Williams – Resuflor Q Screed Sherwin Williams – Resuflor Q Screed is a decorative epoxy resin floor screed […]