Additional Services

Surface Preparation

Preparing your floor is the most important part of the process of installing a new floor. Without a prepared sub floor to work on, there is a good chance that you won’t be happy with the final result, and neither will we.  This means removing laitance on new concrete, floor coatings and dirt or contamination that has built up over time on older floors.

Resin floors need a good substrate to adhere to.  Substrates need to have a minimum strength of between 25N/mm2-30N/mm2.  Any existing floor damage needs to be repaired to ensure a uniform floor surface prior to applying the finished product.

We use three main methods to prepare a floor: Closed circuit Shot blasting, dust extracted diamond grinding and dust extracted planing. We have a wide range of equipment at our disposal specifically designed to ensure all substrates are treated in the appropriate way to ensure that, before your new floor system is applied, the base floor is in the best condition to bond to it ensuring a high quality and long-lasting finish.

To prepare your floor we use the latest multi head HTC diamond grinding equipment, closed circuit shot blasting units and scabbling/planing machines.   By simply changing the size and style of the diamond heads these machines can be used to easily cut through latex, adhesive and resin coatings and screeds to highly polishing concrete to a simply amazing finish.

Vacuum extraction systems attached to our floor preparation machinery provides for a practically dust free process.

  1. Removal of Coatings & Adhesives

Our dust extracted diamond grinding equipment is used for the preparation of concrete surfaces and ensures the removal of coatings and adhesive residue in advance of laying your new floor. Diamond grinding gives a uniform finish which is ideal for thin-film coatings and high-build epoxy coatings and screeds.

  • Dust extracted Diamond Grinding

Dust extracted Diamond grinding is our preferred choice to remove existing thin epoxy coatings, Paint, and Adhesive from a concrete surface and can cover large areas.  

Diamond grinding can also be used to re-profile the concrete floor if required.    Our diamond grinding machine has pivoting rotating heads with sets of diamonds that spin at high speed.  The benefits of grinding are that we can work close to wall edges and a flat surface can be achieved ready to accept the new coating.

Our machines use 3 phase 415v power supplies and if not available on site we can bring a diesel generator to provide the power we need.

For smaller areas or where space is limited, they can be prepared with a dust extracted hand-held diamond grinder.

  • Dust extracted Scabbling

Our dust extracted planing machine can be used to remove tough existing coatings and help to reduce levels of concrete in areas as required.    This method of surface preparation is useful for the preparation for screeds.

  • Closed Circuit Vacuum Shotblasting

We use closed circuit shot blasting to remove old coatings and make sure that the substrate is ready to receive a resin floor.  Closed circuit vacuum shot blasting prepares the substrate and provides a mechanical key for the resin to adhere to. This process fires steel balls on the surface to remove the coating and the machine vacuums the steel balls with the dust, recycling the steel balls to be re-used.

Shot blasting is normally only used when applying a thicker coating such as epoxy or polyurethane screeds.   We can use shot blasting together with diamond grinding if thin epoxy coatings are to be applied.  If time is a constraint, larger areas of floor can be prepared with closed circuit shotblasting over diamond grinding.

If you are considering having a new commercial or industrial resin floor laid and need your existing floor preparing, please call us on 01803 868680 or email and our technical experts will be happy to assist you.  We look forward to working with you.