Top 10 reasons for a resin floor

Resin flooring can be a fantastic choice for so many businesses.  Our specialism is within industrial and commercial operations.  Here are our top ten reasons

Why choose the professionals?

Choosing a professional resin flooring installation team is important for several reasons.  Here we identify what you need to know about us if you’re planning

Issues With Poorly Laid Flooring

Resin flooring should be long-lasting and durable – and provide a cost-effective flooring solution for many industries.  However, if it is incorrectly installed, it may

Repair or Replace?

Repairs are often the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to repair damage to your resin floor.   Damage to your resin or concrete floor can

Who are Surface Systems?

Who are Surface Systems? Surface Systems is a leading industrial resin floor installation company. Where are you based? We’re based in Totnes in Devon and

Resin Floor Demarcation Will Improve Safety

As manufacturing and warehouse facility owners, there is a duty to make sure the health of safety of employees and customers meets stringent standards.