Commercial and Industrial Flooring FAQs

At Surface Systems, we find we are asked some questions frequently and have put these in a handy list to help all our clients and potential clients. If you have any questions and it is not covered here, please give our expert team a call on 01803 868680 and we will be happy to help you.


How long does it take for an epoxy resin floor to set?

The curing time will vary depending on the system and environmental conditions.  We will advise when you can walk on the floor and when it will have achieved a full chemical cure.

Why choose an epoxy resin floor?

It is the most durable and long-lasting flooring solution found on the market and can last many years if cared for properly. It is easy to clean and extremely tough which makes it ideal as a solution for many industries. It is a durable flooring solution with epoxy that has limited resistance to chemical spills and heavy pressure traffic from machinery/large vehicles etc. 

How easy is it to clean an epoxy resin floor?

To reduce the build-up of dust or dirt it is recommended that the floor is brushed and mopped regularly. We would also recommend that the cleaning guidelines are followed for the installed system Surface Systems has a dedicated team of aftercare specialists who can assist you with any ongoing queries and maintenance required for your floor.  

Is there a area limit to the resin flooring?

In theory, an epoxy resin flooring solution can be laid to many areas.

How long will installation take on my epoxy resin flooring?

This is dependent on the floor area and chosen system. Our dedicated team of specialists aim to complete the work with as little disruption to the operations of your company whilst maintaining the highest possible standards.

Is epoxy resin flooring very slippery?

No, our epoxy resin flooring comes with the option of a tailored anti-slip coating.

Is epoxy resin waterproof?

Yes, our epoxy resin flooring is near impervious to most spills including limited chemical resistance and water.

Where do you cover?

As the South West’s leading commercial and industrial resin flooring specialists we operate from our local office and our services are available across the region.

What is the recommended flooring solution for a hospital?

Due to the need for the flooring to be hygienic, clean and durable we would recommend an applied epoxy flooring or heavy duty resin bound epoxy floor screeds.

How much does it cost for flooring?

The cost of flooring will depend on size and chosen solution, therefore Surface Systems provide a personalised quotation service. As the leaders in our industry, our flooring solutions are available at competitive prices.

Can I choose the colour of my flooring?

Of Course! Our quality products have a range of colour options available. Having a variety of colours allows the easy distinction of different areas in a workplace. 

What is the recommended flooring solution for a factory?

Due to the hard wearing and high durability of the product, we would recommend the use of epoxy resin in a factory. It is very low maintenance, dust free, easy to clean and highly resistant to chemical and oil spills.

What is the recommended flooring solution for a warehouse floor?

High build Epoxy resin or seal coat is extremely durable and is thus the recommended flooring solution for a warehouse environment.

How do I know which flooring solution is right for me?

We have a variety of flooring solutions available on our website, or if you need further assistance, a member of our expert team would be more than happy to advise you.

What is the recommended flooring solution for a garage floor?

Epoxy resin flooring is the recommended solution for a garage floor. This is due to the durability – handles impact, is stain resistant and can withstand heavy vehicles.

We appreciate this is just a small list of queries we often come across, if you have something to ask that is not covered here we will gladly offer expert advice and are happy to make an appointment to visit your site to advise on the perfect floor for your environment.

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