Keep your workers safe with line demarcation

Safety at work is paramount, both for employees and customers and ensuring people are aware of the boundaries between pedestrians and vehicles is one of the main reasons for line demarcation. 

Walkways and parking bays, storage areas and keep clear zones, visitor areas and safe fire exits all require sufficient line demarcation to reduce potential injury to people and ensure your business is following industry-specific health and safety laws. 

The Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992 states that:

Every workplace shall be organised in such a way that pedestrians and vehicles can circulate in a safe manner.

All traffic routes shall be suitably indicated where necessary for reasons of health and safety.

By law, pedestrians and vehicles should be able to use traffic routes without causing any danger to their health and safety. 

Designing your floor demarcation in such a way that vehicles and people are kept separate and their safety is not compromised is key to your workplace’s health and safety compliance.

Clear demarcation of safe areas means you can safely organise your workplace and reduce the risk of accidents and injury, and comply with health and safety laws.

Line marking will zone areas to allocate space for vehicles, mark ‘Keep Clear’ zones and maintain space between people and vehicles, machinery or hazardous chemicals.

What do we suggest?

We suggest using epoxy resin in contrasting colours.  Why? Because resin line marking systems are far more durable and cost-effective than tape which lifts easily. 

In our experience, the most commonly installed resin colours are yellow, white and red.  These colours must remain bright and effective. 

Our preferred products are tough and scratch-resistant and offer safety and durability.  For example, Sherwin Williams Elladur™, is innovative in design and will give you the best performance, no matter what your industry.

Why Choose Surface Systems?

We’ve worked across a wide range of industries from industrial and aviation to breweries and pharmaceuticals.   We know the best products to use for your line demarcation needs.    

We have over 22 years of practice in the industrial resin flooring world, and a great team of experts to give you an unrivalled customer experience.

Working with us will give you peace of mind that your flooring is HSE compliant and you are putting the safety of your employees and visitors at the top of your list.

Call us today on 01803 868680 or email  We can arrange a no-obligation site visit and survey and answer any questions you might have.

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