Reduce Your Environmental Impact Where You Can

Let’s start with your floor. 

We know that epoxy resin flooring is hard-wearing, cost-effective and a practical option for many industries.  Epoxy coatings technology is becoming more and more popular as a flooring solution for a broad range of industries. 

The coatings are designed to protect the concrete substrate and enhance the surface’s appearance.  It looks great with its smooth and seamless finish.  But what’s its impact on the environment?

It lasts.  Reducing waste is an area of discussion within the construction industry.  The industry currently creates over 100 million tonnes of waste per year, 10% of which consists of unused materials disposed of in landfills.  Epoxy resin flooring is a durable, easy to maintain product which means less wasted material ending up in our landfills. 

Epoxy flooring won’t leave cracks for dirt and moisture to gather in and it offers you an easy to clean flooring solution.  The seamless, specifically calculated system is created on-site and is laid to fit perfectly into the complete area – meaning minimal on-site waste. 

There are no leftover or damaged pieces of flooring and no offcuts to have to dispose of.  No wastage.

Our epoxy resin floors are tough and resilient systems, which are non-absorbent.  They resist stains and don’t react to chemical spillages.  They benefit from a strict cleaning regime but the need for harmful cleaning products which are damaging to the environment is reduced.  

Epoxy coatings will help to prolong the life of your concrete floors.  When correctly installed and maintained they have a life cycle of 10 years +.

They reflect heat rather than absorb it which may reduce the need for air conditioning in warmer industrial areas.

What about our products?

One of our preferred providers of protective floor coatings and screeds is Sherwin Williams, who consistently work towards Green Building certification

Another supplier is Altro, whose resin products contain up to 30% recycled content.  These companies, like so many of us, are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and improving their sustainable activities.

Materials tend to be supplied in relatively small units, however, if unused, they can be used on other projects.

Our team will provide you with a thorough survey, allowing us to determine the exact quantities of materials needed for your project. 

We would always suggest using a professional, reputable resin flooring installer who will provide you with time, knowledge and experience.  Our focus is on the commitment to unrivalled customer service and the delivery of the right flooring system for your business. 

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