Case Study


Aerospace Warehouse Flooring - Commercial & Industrial Resin Floor Specialists - Surface Systems South West

This precision engineering company, based in the South West, manufactures components for the aviation industry. One of their major clients is Airbus, who demand high standards at all stages of the manufacturing process. The client adheres to the “World Class Manufacturing Methodology” which has an impact on the flooring needs among many other areas.

With three factories on their site we have implemented and maintained the floors in most areas since the late 1990’s. This has proved challenging as the condition of the existing concrete slabs throughout all factories is variable and often weak in some areas. Prior to installing the epoxy flooring we typically carry our concrete repairs. When our client appointed a new Director in recent years there was a change of philosophy and we were asked to work throughout the whole site and change the existing green epoxy floors to white. This involved grinding off the old resin and applying new. All expansion joints were broken out and repaired with an epoxy mortar before being re-cut and infilled with a white polyurethane jointing compound to match the floor. 

In order to ensure minimum factory downtime all work takes place commencing on a Friday lunchtime and completing on the following Sunday to allow for manufacturing to commence again on the Monday morning. Due to the intermittent power supply issues on site we always provide our own generator to supply a 415V 3 Phase and 240V power supply to the workspace. 

We have recently been asked to work on the bunded area where our client stores their chemicals and Skydrol involved in the production process. Having discussed the various chemical concentrations involved we sourced suitable epoxy coatings to withstand spillage. The bund floors were treated and our resin applied to incorporate 150mm upstands in a yellow colour. 

Size: Over 1000 m2
Preparation: Removal of existing failing flooring in numerous factories
Solution: Application of a 3-coat epoxy system with an anti-slip top coat
Additional: Cut and re-form movement joints, design and application of aisleways, line markings and safety symbols
Key Benefits: Upgraded modern and bright flooring with anti-slip qualities providing a fit for purpose safe environment for employees