Case Study


Working with this client for over fifteen years and having a strong business relationship meant we were always going to be first on their list of suppliers when there was a requirement for resin commercial flooring

In the past we have solved their flooring problems and laid resin systems which are hygienic and easy to clean. Anti-slip flooring has been laid in the Winery and Bottling Plant and have provided years of service with minimal maintenance. With the Winery experiencing exponential rates of growth and the retail element of the business expanding equally as fast, the increase in order processing highlighted that health and safety was of paramount importance in heavily trafficked areas. 

Working closely with the Winery Manager we devised a system of aisleways, forklift charging zones, external hatching and pedestrian walkways between the offices and production facility helping to facilitate a smooth transition once completed. 

The systems applied to the internal aisles were carried out using water- based epoxy resins with a fine anti-slip aggregate added at the mixing stage and rolled down at a metre wide to form clear demarcation areas. A second coat allowed for additional thickness and increased depth of colour in a low-lit environment. The external areas comprised of poor-quality concrete which had been laid many years before. We made repairs to the concrete with a high strength mortar and applied fast curing MMA line marking resin enabling forklift traffic back on the area after two hours. Our client was impressed with our operatives’ speed of working and meticulous manner in which they undertook the project.

Size: 110 m2
Preparation: Preparation of existing epoxy flooring by means of diamond grinding
Solution: Application of two coats of water-based epoxy resin for the walkways and forklift areas
Additional: One coat of specialist epoxy line marking resin to form external hatching
Key Benefits: Easily identifiable walkways and forklift zones creating a safer working environment for employees