Commercial Kitchens

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Are you designing a new commercial kitchen, or does your current kitchen flooring need replacing?

Surface Systems can prepare and install a durable resin floor able to cope with the heavy demands of kitchen work, including heavy foot traffic and the inevitable spillages.

Just like you, we always prioritise employee safety and hygiene. The even, slip-resistant flooring will prevent potentially serious accidents. In addition, the non-porous nature of resin flooring provides an absolute barrier to harmful bacteria, mould and other micro-organisms.

Flooring for open or publicly accessible kitchens

Many restaurants choose to open their kitchens to public view while some kitchens (e.g. the Grange kitchen at Buckfast Abbey), allow full public access.

In these situations, it is more important than ever to ensure the floor’s surface is easy to clean, hygienic and attractively presented. This will not only ensure patrons enjoy a pleasurable meal, it also increases the likelihood of positive feedback on social media and customer review sites. Surface Systems offer a range of colour and finish options to ensure you end up with the look you want.

Professional service from an established resin floor company

With so many kitchen flooring options on the market, it can be hard for owners to decide who to trust with the work. Unlike many new industrial flooring firms, we have more than 23 years’ experience of kitchen flooring and the specialist knowledge of which type of flooring lasts the distance. We work with a number of different products and flooring systems from big national and global brands such as Sika, BASF and Altro Flooring. This gives us maximum flexibility when suggesting kitchen flooring solutions.

Choosing the right type of kitchen flooring for your premises is one of the most important decisions you will make, whether your kitchen is private or open to the public. We encourage you to invest in high-quality resin flooring from Surface Systems.