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The Aviation and Aerospace industry has a wide variety of flooring uses from Airport Terminals, Loading Bays, Departure Gates and Passenger Lounges through to Hangars and Engineering Spaces.

Airport terminals are seen as having some of the highest pedestrian traffic of all buildings and therefore it is key that the right flooring solution is put in place to give passengers a positive experience when travelling through.

Loading bays and baggage handling areas have an equally high use with millions of tons of bags and freight passing through them each year putting a huge strain on the floor.  A high impact resistant flooring is key in these areas and safety workflow markings are also a necessity.

Aircraft hangars provide a number of critical functions.  They are not only used for plane maintenance and storage, but it is often the case that the hangar is used as a refuelling area too.  They typically house high-value commercial assets in the form of high-cost equipment and vehicles.  It is therefore important that the commercial and industrial flooring solutions used can protect valuable machinery and ensure that the services provided are uninterrupted and delivered safely.

Selecting the correct flooring system is essential. A well-informed choice will help facilities spend less on flooring maintenance and repairs. We offer a wide range of solutions for your aerospace needs, from epoxy resin floor coatings to epoxy quartz screed. The right surface system can last for decades in optimum conditions, keeping assets safe and services running smoothly.

Technical Considerations

  • Comfort & Aesthetics – airport terminals have high footfall and must therefore provide a comfortable experience for travellers and staff.
  • Abrasion & Slip Resistant – with the volume of users it is key that the flooring solutions provide a non-slip surface and are hard wearing.
  • Impact resistance – which areas come under high impact?
  • Chemical Resistance – this is a key consideration in any area where corrosive substances are handled or stored.
  • Hygiene – a key consideration in every location and a core part of the floor design to enable ease of maintenance.


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