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Car parks come in many shapes and sizes, from multi-storey to outside and underground.  It is important to utilise the right car park flooring system considering the level of impact and usage and what elements the car park is exposed to.

The systems used in car park projects are designed to meet the needs of both existing and new build projects.  With such heavy vehicular use and the fact that all car parks have significant pedestrian footfall as well, the anti-slip qualities and the ability to withstand impact and heavy traffic use is key.  

Floor markings also form part of the flooring package ensuring the effective flow of traffic as well as the safety of pedestrians leaving and returning to their vehicles.

Technical Considerations

  • Slip Resistance – a key health and safety feature
  • Impact Resistance – to be evaluated and factored into the selection of an appropriate solution based on volume of traffic and the impact of traffic.
  • Abrasion Resistance – with heavy traffic use a flooring system need to be able to stand up to abrasion.
  • Waterproofing – elastomeric waterproofing qualities are important for exposed car parks as well as multi-storey and their associated decks.
  • Drainage – standing water is an accident hazard for both pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Hygiene – a key consideration in every location and a core part of the floor design to enable ease of maintenance.


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