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Are you searching for the best type of garage flooring for your business? Garage environments are demanding and only professionally installed flooring can provide the strength, durability and resistance you need while ensuring staff and customers are kept safe and healthy.

Why resin flooring is a popular choice for garage owners

With constant traffic from vehicles of all sizes, point pressure from static loads and the corrosive and staining effect of fluids, tyres and other substances, garages need tough, long-lasting and chemically resistant industrial flooring.

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Popular ‘quick fix’ DIY solutions are rarely successful over the long-haul with tiles and mats vulnerable to wear and tear and staining. In addition, moisture and chemicals can find their way through gaps and edges to the substrate over time.

Investing in a professional grade resin floor, installed by industrial flooring specialists like Surface Systems, is an investment in your garage or workshop. A resin floor is built up in layers with the initial layer bonding powerfully with the substrate beneath. Further layers add many different properties including strength, durability, heat and chemical resistance and waterproofing. We provide a turn-key solution from initial scoping and consultation through design, installation and finishing.

Slip and trip-free properties to keep staff and customers safe

Laid by a professional resin floor company, your garage flooring will provide a continuous, even surface for your employees and visitors. This reduces trip hazards while the anti-slip properties of the finish will also protect employees.

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The accumulation of oil, grease and other car fluids can pose a slip hazard over time which is why it is important to keep on top of cleaning and maintenance. Resin flooring is not only quick and easy to clean, it can also be formulated to specifically resist the chemicals in the cleaning products you choose to use.

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