Warehouse Flooring

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Do you need a warehouse flooring solution that’s tough, durable, non-slip and resistant to water, heat and chemicals? Would you like to be able to specify your floor’s properties to meet your unique business needs?

Invest in your business and employees with heavy duty safety flooring

Some business owners looking for a quick fix make unwise investments in warehouse flooring systems and find themselves having to spend time dealing with repairs and health and safety complaints.

This won’t happen with Surface Systems. As an experienced resin floor company with over 23 years in the industry, we have installed long-lasting industrial flooring throughout the UK and built a reputation for high standards along the way.

Resin flooring is the gold standard when it comes to industrial flooring and we have access to a range of premium grade flooring systems, from established brands like Sika, Altro and BASF. Rather than being tied to ‘selling’ you a specific product, we can consult with you to find the best solution for your business and your employees’ health and safety.

From design to finish: a full warehouse flooring service

Surface Systems offer a turn-key solution to warehouse and factory flooring. We’re committed to building a relationship with our customers rather than moving on to the next target while the resin is still curing.

We will discuss with you the options available and give you advice on the ‘recipe’ you will need depending on your specific operational needs. All our warehouse flooring will easily cope with everything from forklift and HGV traffic to heavy static loads and chemical spills.

Resin-based slip resistant flooring is also impervious to water and avoids the dust associated with cement-based floors. This contributes to a safe and hygienic working environment for your employees.

The finish of your floor is vital to determine its surface resistance and overall appearance. We can add pigment and create coloured zones, walkways and warnings for a professional look which will impress site inspectors and encourage pride in your workforce.

For more information on warehouse flooring or to arrange a site visit, please call 01803 868680 or email