Automotive & Transport Flooring

The automotive and transport industries have a broad range of requirements and flooring needs from the manufacturing facilities of engineered components, paint shops, the functional spaces of garages and engineering spaces to the retail showrooms of dealerships.

Each space is unique and has its own specific requirements from being able to clean easily from oil and chemicals to reflect the quality of your brand in a showroom through the use of colours and finishes.

Technical Considerations

  • Mechanical Resistance – what are the loading requirements, types of tyres in contact with the surface and the contact areas? What is the frequency of exposure?
  • Impact resistance – which areas of your garage flooring come under high impact?
  • Electrical Conductivity & Anti-Static requirements – some areas may require preventative measures to prevent the build-up of static electricity. This may be due to operating electrically sensitive equipment or simply to prevent the possibility of sparks that can create a risk of fire or explosion.
  • Chemical Resistance – this is a key consideration in any area where corrosive substances are handled or stored.
  • Hygiene – a key consideration in every location and a core part of the floor design to enable ease of maintenance.
  • Fire Resistance – appropriate certification should be provided for flooring solutions as and when required.
  • Slip Resistance – This is dependent on the environment and the use, i.e. is the floor under wet or dry conditions? What type of traffic uses the floor, i.e. vehicles or people? Cleaning capabilities need to be balanced with safety.


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