Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Flooring

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical environments have some of the most demanding requirements for cleanliness and hygiene.  It is critical in these industries that bacteria and dust can be controlled and a seamless resin flooring solution is key to delivering this.

Many flooring products that we recommend and install in these clinical environments have chemically resistant properties as well as being anti-microbial. This is key to managing the quality of the production environment and to ensure that these highly regulated environments meet the regulatory thresholds so that manufacturing and production are uninterrupted.

Maintenance and the ease of cleaning are also crucial so as not to have extended periods of downtime. Coving and stainless steel drainage are also considerations.  In addition, the flooring solutions that are applied in these environments need to meet the strictest infection control, hygiene and health and safety standards, alongside looking good and having longevity. When advising our clients on the appropriate flooring solutions we will typically look at high-performance technology solutions that comply with all health and safety regulations, providing an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable finish to keep all patients, visitors and staff safe.  The selection of suitable flooring is also an important factor in the prevention of slips, as required by the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992.

Technical Considerations

  • Anti-microbial properties – the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical sectors have exacting standards for hygiene and a healthcare flooring solution with anti-microbial properties is key in many cases.
  • Electrical Conductivity & Anti-Static requirements – some areas may require preventative measures to prevent the build-up of static electricity. This may be due to operating electrically sensitive diagnostic equipment or electrically sensitive manufacturing equipment. 
  • Chemical Resistance – this is a key consideration in any area where corrosive substances are handled or stored.
  • Hygiene – a key consideration in every location and a core part of the floor design to enable ease of maintenance.
  • Slip Resistance – this is dependent on the environment and the use, i.e. is the floor under wet or dry conditions? What type of traffic uses the floor, i.e. vehicles or people? Cleaning capabilities need to be balanced with safety.


To choose the right Surface System for your Healthcare & Pharmaceutical needs just contact us at Surface Systems and one of our trained technical team will discuss your healthcare flooring requirements and arrange a site visit in order to provide you with a quote for an appropriate Surface System.

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