Epoxy Coating

This system is applied to suitable concrete floors where the substrate has been thoroughly prepared by means of dust-extracted diamond grinding or closed-circuit vacuum shot blasting. This process removes any laitance and contaminants (new concrete) and provides a mechanical key for improved adhesion. 

Two-coat water-based and high-build epoxy systems are applied with or without an anti-slip finish. This is a cost-effective solution for areas where the floor requires suitable protection. Thickness – 500 microns.

Three-coat high build epoxy systems are applied with or without an anti-slip finish. This is a more durable system when compared to the two-coat alternative. It is suitable to apply in areas of high wear and has a good level of abrasion/chemical and excellent durability. Thickness – 750 microns.

Both of these systems are applied by roller and brush and provide our clients with a low odour and seamless floor. The level of anti-slip finish applied can be varied to suit the client’s requirement to balance slip resistance with ease of cleanability.

Altro – Altro Tect™

Altro Tect is a durable, twin-pack solvent-free, epoxy high-build floor coating, for use in light to medium-duty industrial areas where there is a low risk of slipping.  It is available in a variety of colours and variants. 

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Altro – Altro Tect SR

Altro Tect SR is slip-resistant and has all the benefits of Altro Tect with the addition of an incorporated micaceous mineral that lightly textures the floor’s surface giving a degree of slip resistance.

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Altro – Altro Coat™

Altro Coat is a twin-pack, water-miscible, epoxy resin with a greatly reduced substrate drying time. It is a fast-track solution suited to light to medium duty areas and newly installed cementitious substrates.  Altro Coat variants provide a fast-track, cost-effective solution, permitting the passage of moisture vapour from the substrate, while still providing a barrier against contamination.  It is available in a wide standard colour range.

Altro Coat standard has a silk finish and is ideal for use in areas with a low risk of slipping.

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Altro Coat slip-resistant has a micaceous mineral that provides a lightly textured surface and is ideal for areas with an increased risk of slipping.  

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Sherwin Williams – Resuflor™ HB (formerly known as Resucoat HB)

Resuflor HB is a two-pack, solvent-free, high-performance floor coating based on high solids epoxy resin technology which is designed to provide a tough and durable floor protection finish in a variety of thicknesses and colours, for a wide range of applications.  The coating provides a smooth gloss finish, which slip-resistant aggregate can be added to if needed.  Resuflor HB is easy to apply by roller, squeegee and paintbrush to create a seamless, hardwearing and hygienic floor finish.

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Sherwin Williams – Resuflor WB (formerly known as Resuseal WB)

Resuflor WB is a two-pack, water-based epoxy resin flooring with very low VOC content.  It has excellent adhesion to concrete, wood and other surfaces and provides an attractive, hardwearing and dust-free finish.  Resuflor WB can act as a curing membrane to increase the hardness of concrete by allowing the cement to fully hydrate, and it can be applied to new concrete 7 days after being poured.

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Flowcrete – Flowcoat SF41

A time-proven, hard-wearing, cost-effective and high-performance epoxy resin floor coating system with variable slip-resistant properties.  Chemical resistant against a range of acids, solvents and fuel, and tolerant to temperatures of up to 70°C.  Flowcoat SF41 is easy to clean and maintain and its slip-resistant finish can be tailored to a client’s requirements.

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Flowcrete – Flowseal EPW

Flowcrete – Flowseal EPW is a coloured, gloss finish, water-based, hygienic floor seal that displays a low odour during application.  Easy to apply by rake and trowel, this product gives a seamless and attractive finish, that is easy to clean and maintain.

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Flowcrete – Flowcoat SK – Skydrol

Flowcrete – Flowcoat SK – Skydrol is a high performance, epoxy resin coating designed specifically for aircraft hangar floors, resistant to SKYDROL hydraulic fluids. Low maintenance with an attractive finish, Flowcoat’s slip resistance can be tailored to the client’s specific requirements.

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Resin Building Products – Resbuild WB Coating

Resbuild WB Coating is a high performance, thin, water-dispersible epoxy coating that allows the floor to breathe. Solvent-free and environmentally friendly, it is easily applied by brush, roller or airless spray with a very low odour during application. Resbuild WB Coating is an abrasion and chemical resistant, durable, hygienic coating easy to clean and maintain.

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Resin Building Products – Resbuild SF Coating

Resbuild SF Coating is a two-pack, epoxy coating, comprising pre-weighed amounts of base and curing agent, which provides protective and decorative properties to concrete, steel and other substrates.  After mixing it together, an easily applied chemical and abrasion resistant finish is produced.

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Sika – Sikafloor® MultiDur®

MultiDur epoxy flooring systems are suitable for industrial areas where floors need to excel in heavy-duty performance and require excellent mechanical strength, wear and chemical resistance. This technology is seamless, functional and delivers long-lasting performance.

Finishes range from smooth, textured, broadcasted, slip-resistant and mortar.

Information on individual MultiDur® epoxy resin flooring system products can be found here: