Epoxy Screed Flooring

Are you looking to add strength and durability to your commercial or industrial floor without the dust and rough finish of concrete? Epoxy screed flooring is an effective solution for businesses and organisations of all sizes and is popular across a wide range of industries.

The term epoxy refers to a group of reactive chemical resins while a screed is both a method of levelling a surface and the substance that is applied in this way.

Epoxy screed flooring is ideal when you need a completely level floor that will tightly bond with your existing surface.

Six benefits of choosing epoxy screed flooring

Epoxy screed is often recommended for factory flooring, warehouse flooring, garage flooring and kitchen flooring. It is found in numerous industries from pharmaceuticals and electrical engineering to food production and textiles.

Some of the benefits you can expect from epoxy screed flooring are:

  • Anti-slip properties. Every company and organisation has to prioritise the health and safety of its workforce. Epoxy resin flooring will help you comply with industry regulations by providing a safe, slip-free surface.
  • Seamless, level surface. A properly applied epoxy screed will be completely level, reducing the risk of trips and uneven wear. With no gaps in the flooring, bacteria and mould are unable to establish a foothold which is ideal for kitchen flooring and other environments with strict hygiene requirements.
  • Chemical resistance. Epoxy screed flooring can cope with most chemical spillages and can be designed to be compatible with the cleaning agents you use.
  • No dust. Unlike concrete flooring, epoxy resin doesn’t generate dust. Dust can cause health problems for employees especially if they have respiratory conditions such as asthma.
  • Hard-wearing. The chemicals in epoxy resin flooring are designed to tightly bond with the substrate (underlying surface material). This prevents delamination and ensures your floor stands the test of time.
  • Mechanical strength. Epoxy resin flooring is incredibly strong and can absorb both sudden impacts and long-term traffic, even from HGVs.

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