Hygienic Flooring

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Is hygiene and safety at the top of your priority list when sourcing flooring? If  your business or organisation is in food production or healthcare, it is critical to choose a surface that can reduce contamination risk to a minimum and to have it professionally installed.

Satisfy environmental inspectors with professional grade resin flooring

Whether you need hospital, care home, restaurant or kitchen flooring, we will have the ideal solution to impress the inspectors and maximise your chances of an ‘outstanding’ hygiene rating. Unlike tiles, which inevitably contain vulnerable joins, our resin floors present an impenetrable barrier to moisture and the bacteria, mould and other micro-organisms that need damp, dark conditions to thrive.

Our even, anti-slip safety flooring will also get a tick of approval from health and safety inspectors. Again, with no edges or joins, there is a reduced risk of staff tripping and injuring themselves.

We obtain our flooring materials and systems from top brands such as Altro, Sika and BASF to ensure that your final product is fully resistant to impact damage and water penetration.

Easy to clean and resistant to chemical damage

Hygienic flooring from Surface Systems is simple to keep clean and can cope with the occasional spillage of hot or corrosive liquids. We can even formulate your flooring to be chemically resistant to the cleaning products you already use. This will enable you to continue to keep your surface clear of grease, oil, bodily fluids and other substances that can cause staining, contamination or lead to slips.

Our experience of installing hygienic flooring in a range of environments, from communal kitchens to hospital mortuaries means we understand exactly what is needed to keep your staff and your customers or service users safe and healthy.

Surface Systems can provide a full service flooring solution from initial concepts and design to professional installation of flooring, drainage and other systems.

For more information on hygienic flooring options for your business or organisation, please call 01803 868680 or email