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The Food & Drink Manufacturing, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries have a number of specific requirements from their facilities flooring, the most important being the ability to ensure that production and manufacturing areas are always clean and hygienic. Maintaining a bacteria-free area is critical to maintaining the high standards required, and the choice of flooring system is critical in its role of maintaining integrity in the sanitary standards. This is achieved by applying screeds and coatings containing antimicrobial properties reducing the growth of disease-causing micro-organisms. This is key for many businesses including wineries, breweries, butchers, abattoirs and a whole host of others.

In addition to the flooring itself, there are many other aspects that need to be considered such as ensuring a seamless and impervious flooring area to prevent bacteria build-up. Also, coving and stainless-steel drainage need to be installed for the complete solution.

Technical Considerations

  • Hygiene – a key consideration in every location and a core part of the floor design to enable ease of maintenance.
  • Coving & Drainage – essential components to ensure a bacteria-free production environment.
  • Slip Resistance – this is dependent on the environment and the use, i.e. is the floor under wet or dry conditions? What type of traffic uses the floor, i.e. vehicles or people? Cleaning capabilities need to be balanced with safety. 
  • Impact resistance – which areas come under high impact?
  • Chemical Resistance – this is a key consideration in any area where corrosive substances are handled or stored.

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