Joint Materials

As our epoxy resin floors are generally laid on top of existing concrete flooring, we take careful steps to ensure that any existing movement capabilities are maintained. Joint material will reflect the movement of the joints through the finished floor.

Sherwin Williams – Epo-Flex VJ

Epo-Flex VJ (formerly known as Resujoint V) is a high-performance, flexible, thixotropic, two-component Epoxy joint sealant. It offers high performance and is designed to accommodate low-level movement in vertical as well as horizontal joints, and is ideal for stable expansion jointing in self-smoothing and screed floor coating systems.

This is a tough product with good adhesion, chemical resistance and is easy to clean. It accommodates movement and maintains a seamless finish.

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Altro – Altro Expand

Altro Expand variants are chemically resistant, epoxy flexible jointing compounds, designed specifically for industrial flooring. It is available in two grades – Altro Expand Standard is a pourable variant and Altro Expand Vertical is thixotropic which allows for vertical application, using a knife or sealant gun.

Altro Expand accommodates normal thermal and vibration movement while providing the strength to protect joints from damage and erosion. It is suitable for most areas where all live movement joints need to be brought through an installed Altro resin system and can be used in conjunction with Altro polyurethane and epoxy resin systems.

It is chemical resistant and has a low odour, is easy to apply and has excellent adhesion together with the flexibility to accommodate normal movement.

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Master Builders Solutions – Masterseal CR460

MasterSeal CR 460 is a pourable and self-levelling, two-component polyurethane joint sealant. It is used together with MasterSeal P460, a two-component clear polyurethane primer.

MasterSeal CR 460 is designed to complement the Master Builders Solutions’ range of polyurethane and epoxy resin flooring systems. It can be used to seal induced and movement joints in resin floors where a combination of chemical resistance, heat resistance and the ability to withstand aggressive traffic conditions is required.

It is easy to apply and is a hygienic, safe, solvent-free sealant offering longevity and chemical and weather resistance.

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