Methyl Methacrylate Flooring (MMA)

MMA floors are a dual systems polymer application known for their speed of cure. Decorative flake systems can be applied at a thickness of between 3-5mm to match existing floors whether tiles, terrazzo or other resins.

Broadcast systems laid at a thickness of 4-6mm offer excellent slip resistance by broadcasting coloured quartz into the floor and sealing with a top coat to improve chemical resistance.

Quartz trowelled systems are applied at a thickness of 4-6mm and can be applied as a smooth finish or with an anti-slip top coat.

MMA floors are both decorative and durable and are ideal for projects with tight deadlines as they can be serviceable after two hours. Due to the unique nature of the catalyst cure, they can be applied in temperatures less than zero degrees centigrade and are UV resistant and hence colour stable. They are easy to customise, seamless, flexible and offer excellent resistance to cracking.

Why work with Surface Systems?

As a long-established specialist industrial flooring company, we have the skill and experience to ensure your floor will perform as expected. This requires careful product sourcing and effective consultation to discover your business needs. We have access to products from a wide range of top suppliers of MMA Flooring so are not tied to a specific system.

Deciding on the type of finish you want is also important, especially if your flooring is in a public area.

With experience of installing MMA systems for a wide range of clients, Surface Systems are your regional specialists for commercial and industrial flooring.
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