Polyurethane Screed

This system is applied to suitable concrete floors where the substrate has been thoroughly prepared by means of dust extracted diamond grinding or closed-circuit vacuum shot blasting. This process removes any laitance and contaminants (new concrete) and provides a mechanical key for improved adhesion. 

Polyurethane screeds are laid by hand trowel onto a primed surface at a thickness of between 6-9mm and provide a seamless matt finished floor. This system provides good slip resistance, strength and durability in a variety of environments and can withstand temperatures of up to 140 degrees centigrade. Polyurethane screeds are suitable for applications where hot water is present and steam cleaning is undertaken. Being non porous the screed offers excellent chemical resistance and can withstand substantial impact and abrasion. Due to the thickness of the floor the lifespan can be 10 years and beyond in many cases.

This type of flooring is predominantly applied in breweries, wineries, abattoirs, kitchens and food processing applications.

Heavy-duty screeds offer the highest level of durability to date, generally laid between 6mm and 9mm and with an exception, up to 12mm.  They have a life span of over 10 years in the toughest of environments.

Master Builders Solutions – Ucrete UD200

Ucrete UD200 is a unique heavy-duty, polyurethane resin floor with exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals, heavy impact and temperatures up to 150°C. Ucrete UD200 is dense and impervious and tolerates substrate moisture.  It is fast-curing and provides a lightly textured protective floor finish suitable for applications in wet and dry processing environments.

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Master Builders Solutions – Ucrete UD200SR

Ucrete UD200SR is a unique, heavy-duty, polyurethane resin floor with exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals, heavy impact and temperatures up to 150°C. Ucrete UD200SR provides a lightly textured, protective floor finish suitable for applications in wet and dry process environments. It is dense and impervious, tolerant of substrate moisture and fast-curing.

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Master Builders Solutions – Ucrete DP

Ucrete DP is a unique, heavy-duty, polyurethane resin technology with exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals, heavy impact and temperatures up to 120°C. This defined profile, slip-resistant flooring is ideal for environments that require safe, high grip floors.

Ucrete DP is substrate moisture tolerant, fast curing, and is both temperature and chemical resistant.

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Master Builders Solutions – Ucrete IF

Ucrete IF is iron-armoured, heavy-duty, polyurethane resin flooring and is the toughest of Ucrete floors.  Combining the strength of iron and Ucrete technology it provides an extremely tough surface for environments subject to extreme impact and abrasion.  It is substrate moisture tolerant and fast-curing and maintains high chemical, temperature and abrasion resistance whilst offering exceptional durability.

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Altro – Altro Crete™

Altro Crete is a heavy-duty resin flooring, which provides both slip resistance and excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals including organic acids found in foodstuffs.  The range of variants can offer a fast-track solution, and impact, abrasion and temperature resistance.  

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Sherwin Williams – FasTop Multi TG69

FasTop Multi TG69 is a heavy-duty polyurethane cement floor screed that has excellent resistance to a wide variety of chemicals and temperatures up to 120°C and down to -40°C. FasTop Multi TG69 provides a light slip-resistant surface suitable for use in a variety of wet and dry environments. This dense and impervious flooring solution is resistant to abrasion and heavy impacts and provides a durable, extremely hard-wearing floor. The product incorporates an antimicrobial agent to minimise microbial growth on the floor surface once installed and is taint free so can be installed in active food production areas.

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Sherwin Williams – FasTop Multi RS69 (formerly Resuthane RS69)

FasTop RS69 is a water-based polyurethane resin screed that can withstand liquids of up to 120°C.  It is specifically designed to withhold chemical attack, thermal shock and heavy-duty abrasion and is self-sealing and slip-resistant.

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Sherwin Williams – FasTop Multi DP

FasTop Multi DP is a heavy-duty, polyurethane, cement screed for dressing with aggregate.  It’s designed to create a uniform, slip-resistant finish while providing excellent thermal shock resistance. Resistant to hot water and highly chemical resistant, it is extremely hard-wearing and non-tainting.

FasTop Multi DP is laid between 5-7mm and broadcast with silica sand.  This is then overcoated with FasTop Multi T150 to seal in the silica sand and provide a long-lasting surface.

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Flowcrete – Flowfresh HF LT

A HACCP International certified, antimicrobial treated, polyurethane resin floor screed with improved fluidity at low temperatures.  This system offers a hard-wearing finish with a textured coloured floor surface.  Flowfresh HF LT contains a silver ion additive known as Polygiene®, which is proven to reduce the growth of most types of harmful bacteria.

It is chemical resistant, slip-resistant and steam cleaning and temperature resistant up to 120°C.

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Sikafloor PurCem

Sikafloor® PurCem® systems deliver high mechanical and chemical resistance performance and low environmental impact.  They are durable and low maintenance with resurfacing options that are resistant to high-temperature variations.  Resistant to strong acids, alkalis, solvents, oils and fats, and chemicals used in a broad spectrum of processing industries, these products are typically installed in a light or heavy slip-resistant broadcast or full mortar, to ensure high performance in wet areas and a smooth, light-textured surface finish is for dry areas. 

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Cove Material

Sherwin Williams – FasTop Multi WR

FasTop Multi WR is a trowel applied polyurethane cement coving and wall render, designed specifically for use with the FasTop floor screed systems, to maintain the same standards of resistance to abrasion and chemical contact once it has been fully sealed.

Suitable for forming radius coves, it is hard-wearing, non-tainting, highly chemical resistant and resistant to hot water.

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Altro – Altro Crete Cove

Altro Crete Cove variant is a complementary cove system designed to be used alongside the Altro Crete resin floor systems, in areas where a coved finished is required.  Using the same resin technology as the Altro Crete cove variants it provides excellent chemical resistance and offers a fully sealed surface, non-tainting with excellent impact and abrasion resistance and low odour.

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Master Builders Solutions – Ucrete RG

Ucrete RG is a heavy-duty polyurethane render; a thixotropic resin mortar with exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals, heavy impact and temperatures up to 120°C.  It is dense and impervious and ideal for bunding where containment is a priority.  Ucrete RG is fully compatible with all flooring grade materials and leaves a seamless finish from wall to floor. 

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Flowcrete – Flowfresh Cove

This is a 4-component, solvent-free, polyurethane concrete, multi-pack cove used as a heavy-duty, hard-wearing floor coving finish with exceptional chemical resistance and a smooth finish.

Flowfresh Multipack Cove Filler C contains Polygiene, an antimicrobial additive that is based on silver ion technology, mixed with Base A, Hardener B and Filler D to produce Flowfresh Multipack Cove.

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