Polyurethane Screeds

This system is applied to suitable concrete floors where the substrate has been thoroughly prepared by means of dust extracted diamond grinding or closed-circuit vacuum shot blasting. This process removes any laitance and contaminants (new concrete) and provides a mechanical key for improved adhesion. 

Polyurethane screeds are laid by hand trowel onto a primed surface at a thickness of between 6-9mm and provide a seamless matt finished floor. This system provides good slip resistance, strength and durability in a variety of environments and can withstand temperatures of up to 140 degrees centigrade. Polyurethane screeds are suitable for applications where hot water is present and steam cleaning is undertaken. Being non porous the screed offers excellent chemical resistance and can withstand substantial impact and abrasion. Due to the thickness of the floor the lifespan can be 10 years and beyond in many cases.

This type of flooring is predominantly applied in breweries, wineries, abattoirs, kitchens and food processing applications.

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