SBR Polymer Modified Screed

When an existing floor is not suitable to receive one of our resin applications, or a floor needs to incorporate falls to drainage, we recommend laying a resin-bonded polymer modified screed. A polymer screed is similar to a traditional cementitious screed except there is the addition of an SBR additive to enhance drying times and to strengthen the floor. Shrinkage and cracking are minimised, permeability is reduced and flexural strength is improved. A polymer screed provides high performance at thinner sections and is ideal when normal thickness cannot be achieved.

The main advantages of SBR Polymer Modified Screeds are:

• Enhanced adhesion to the concrete base
• Thinner applications
• Resistance to shrinkage/cracking
• Improved toughness, durability and resilience
• Improved resistance to impact, abrasion and dusting
• Low permeability and reduced absorption of liquids and greases.

Reduced drying times of between 3-5 days enable the floor to receive resin applications sooner than traditional concrete floors.

Why work with Surface Systems?

As a long-established specialist industrial flooring company, we have the skill and experience to ensure your floor will perform as expected. This requires careful product sourcing and effective consultation to discover your business needs. We have access to products from a wide range of top suppliers of SBR Polymer Modified Screeds so are not tied to a specific system.

Deciding on the type of finish you want is also important, especially if your flooring is in a public area.

With experience of installing SBR Polymer Modified Screeds for a wide range of clients, Surface Systems are your regional specialists for commercial and industrial flooring.

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