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Additional Services

At Surface Systems we understand that simply just choosing the correct flooring for your needs isn’t always enough. Therefore, here are some of the additional services that we can provide alongside our flooring solutions.


Installing drainage is an important addition to your flooring, especially when you are maintaining pristine hygiene conditions. Our expert team can supply and install a wide variety of stainless-steel drainage channels.

These channels come in a corrosion-resistant, and pickle passivated 304-grade austenitic stainless steel, and then for the more aggressive environments, they can come in 316 grade.

Having your stainless-steel pickle passivated means that your steel has had a chemical treatment applied to the surface to remove contaminants and assist in the formation of a continuous chromium-oxide passive film.

These properties make this additional feature a must alongside a hygienic floor.

When choosing your drainage, you will have the option of either a modular channel or a bespoke channel to meet your exact requirements, and then with the addition of grates to the channels, this combination creates an unbeatable floor drainage system.

As part of your drainage installation, we can also install floors to falls, which will ensure that your drainage system is operating to the highest standard possible. 

An additional feature to the linear channels that we have mentioned above, we can also supply traps, gully pots, resin-filled access covers, as well as providing you with a number of options of gratings that can match the requirements of your project. 

Line Markings

The additional feature of line markings, or floor demarcation is a major contributor towards being compliant with the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Therefore, ensuring that you have the appropriate line markings on your flooring is essential for your business. Floor demarcation is where we use coloured epoxy resin to clearly mark out walkways, product storage areas, traffic routes, parking bays, keep clear zones, etc.

We use epoxy resin in place of floor marking tape as it is harder wearing. Floor marking tape can lift, which then poses a significant risk to the safety of all individuals operating in this location.

Due to the fact that you may have to replace floor marking tape regularly, the use of epoxy resin can also be more cost-effective as well. 

At Surface Systems our floor demarcation is of a high quality, very professional looking, and it is also very easy to clean. It can also be incredibly useful in highlighting areas such as fire exits, assembly points etc.

One of the key features in floor demarcation is the use of different colours to mark out different areas. By using different colours to outline specific areas, it can highlight areas of significant risk to individuals in a more visual way. 

Maintenance and Repairs

Over time you may find that your commercial or industrial floors become damaged. This is to be expected, especially in areas of high traffic. Although resin flooring can become damaged over time, it is still better and stronger than just having concrete on your floor.

Repairing a resin floor has never been easier, and in most cases is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to repair the flooring vs installing a completely new floor. 

At Surface Systems we can carry out all different types of floor coating and joint repairs in epoxy, polyurethane (PU), methyl methacrylate (MMA), or a combination of all of these.

We can complete these all throughout the UK in all sorts of different commercial and industrial settings. 

It is very important to fix your flooring as soon as you find an area of issue. This is because the longer the problem area is left, the more serious the problem will become in the future.

If the damage sustained to the floor is significant, there is a possibility that the concrete underneath may also need to be repaired, as any large holes become very apparent once the resin has been installed.

If you have minor damage to your flooring, we can supply resin patch repair materials in various quantities that you can use on your resin floor.

This method can be more cost-effective as you can complete this yourself with the use of our kits, and we will be with you every step of the way if any problems arise. If the area of damage is large, then let us know and we will take all the steps necessary to ensure that your resin flooring ends up with a high-quality finish that is both smooth and seamless.

All commercial and industrial flooring is different, and even if we weren’t the original installers, we will still provide clear repair and maintenance solutions that work for you. 

The process for repairing an epoxy resin coated floor is as follows:

  • Damaged area of floor identified
  • Area of damage broken out and removed
  • Repair carried out using the most appropriate repair material
  • Final resin coat applied to surface

In addition to repairs, we can also provide the following services:

  • Application of maintenance coats of Epoxy with anti-slip
  • Aggressive anti-slip systems
  • Loading Bay Surfacing/aggressive anti-skid
  • Epoxy screed infill repairs
  • Polymer screed infill repairs
  • Cove repairs
  • Transition repairs/ramps
  • Patch re-coating
  • Sump repairs and re-coating

Surface Preparation

One of the most important steps in installing a new floor is the preparation of the floor itself. Without a prepared subfloor, there is a good chance the final finish of the floor will not be up to a very high standard.

Therefore, we will need to remove laitance on new concrete, floor coatings, and dirt or contamination that has built up over time on older floors.

A resin floor needs a good substrate to adhere to, with a minimum strength needed of 25N/mm2 – 30N/mm2.

The existing floor needs to be repaired to ensure that there is a uniform surface prior to the installation of the finished product. For more information on how we prepare your existing flooring please follow the link below to our website.

If you are considering a new floor and have any questions on what the additional features and services are that we can provide, then please give us a call on 01803 868680 or email and our technical team will be happy to assist you.

Please click the link to contact us via email or phone.

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