Epoxy Resin Flooring Explained

Epoxy resin flooring is a very popular solution for use in commercial and industrial sectors, due to its low cost and extremely durable properties.

It doesn’t matter on the type of resin flooring you choose, the installation process works by pouring resin onto a concrete substrate, and then sealing it with protective layers of your choice.

Epoxy Resin Floors

Resin floors made of epoxy are a high-build floor coating that is recommended for use in light to medium industrial settings.

It is an excellent solution for areas of high wear and chemical exposure, due to its slip resistance and non-reactive material.

With a mixture of micaceous minerals incorporated into the mix, slip resistance is increased due to this providing a slight texture surface. Sectors, where this may be extremely beneficial, are General Industry, Medium duty areas, Warehouses, Aircraft hangers & Vehicle workshops.

There are more benefits to epoxy resin floors, than just chemical and slip resistance.

Epoxy floors are fully sealed surfaces that have a low odour rate once completed. They can have a high gloss finish but also are extremely easy to clean.

This combined with good chemical resistance and good abrasion resistance makes epoxy floors an ideal solution for a variety of businesses.


To start the process of getting an epoxy resin floor laid will be your initial consultation and planning with our expert team.

Planning is crucial to preparing materials for use of the floor while it is in the final stages of curing. Your consultation will include what the area you wish to surface will be, what it is used for, the traffic in that area, and what you use that area for.

Epoxy resin is a great option for a variety of surfaces, but double-checking that it is suitable for what you plan to use it for is important. You don’t want to pay for a solution that will not give value for money or will not be the right fit.

In your consultation, you will also have the option to choose what colour you wish your surface to be.

We have a range of colours to choose from for your epoxy resin floor. We also provide the option to create your own bespoke colour, if we don’t have the correct colour in our range.

If you do choose to go for a bespoke option, then please bear in mind that this potentially could increase both lead time and cost.


So, what is the process of laying an epoxy floor you may be asking? After a consultation to confirm exactly the specification of the desired epoxy resin floor, the start of the process can begin.

To start the application of your Epoxy Resin Floor, we first start with surface preparation to guarantee the surface is ready for the epoxy coating.

This would include making sure the surface is dry, level, and devoid of any contaminants.

There are specific requirements that are needed to ensure the process is successful such as temperature, cleanliness, and dry conditions, should the area be damp we can use a damp proof primer, also an oil tolerant primer is available if necessary.

This is needed to make sure that adhesion and penetration of the resin is effective and surface penetration is the most vital aspect of resin floor application. 

Installation of the resin floor can now begin. Conditions to apply include making sure the area is well ventilated as well as the slab and air temperature being greater than 10°C and rising, up to a maximum of 25°C. Anything below or above this temperature range will impact the quality of the final product.

The temperature has a big effect on the success of installing an epoxy resin floor. The cure time can be affected as well as the look and feel of the floor.

From here and once the desired mixture has been prepared, the application can now start to begin. This can be applied either with a synthetic roller or poured directly onto the desired surface beginning away from the main light source and then slowly and evenly making its way towards the light source in the area.

Timescales will be dependent on the surface area covered and the required preparation, all of which we will confirm with you prior to commencement of works.

Need to know more? Call our expert team today.

Or alternatively, contact us on 01803 868680 and one of our friendly technical team can discuss your requirements with you.  

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