Flooring for healthcare facilities

Healthcare Building Note (HBN) Standards for Hospitals

Within the healthcare sector, there are stringent regulations on hospital flooring standards, (HBN Standards for Hospitals) and it is crucial that these are adhered to.

With a constant stream of patients, staff, and visitors, hospital flooring endures extremely heavy footfall. Another challenge that is unique to the industry – and of utmost importance – is sterility.

Healthcare Building Note – otherwise referred to as HBN’s – are standards required for the health sector that offer specific advice and guidance on building regulations for installation, operation, and design used in delivering healthcare services in the UK.

The focus of the HBN guidance relates to the healthcare-specific aspects of up-to-date established best practices, standards, and policies.

Applicable to both new and existing sites, HBN’s are set out for use at various stages during the entire building process.

Healthcare providers have a duty of care to ensure that they comply with the appropriate governance and policy.

Part of the performance requirements for HBN Standards for Hospitals includes the following:

  • Impermeable floor finishing
  • Slip resistance
  • Acoustics/ soundproofing
  • Capability to withstand heavy mobile equipment and intensive pedestrian traffic
  • Firm subfloor systems that are stable, smooth and crack-free

As a result of these strict HBN flooring standards, hospital floors need to be hygienic, easy to clean, hard-wearing, and durable.

With such a rigorous checklist, it is important to find a hospital flooring material that meets all the requirements.

Epoxy resin flooring provides a continuous, smooth surface that can be tailored for a specific purpose and provide a seamless finish that meets these rigorous demands.

Particularly popular in hospitals, these specialist flooring solutions meet the demanding hospital flooring standards for cleanliness and hygiene, among other things.

Other important considerations when installing Healthcare Building Note  (HBN) standard flooring, include:

  • Anti-Microbial Properties – The risk of microbial transfer and infection in a healthcare environment is high, so the importance of an anti-microbial flooring solution is paramount
  • Electrical Conductivity & Anti-Static Requirements – In a healthcare setting where sensitive electronic and maintenance equipment are prevalent, the risk of static charge or electronic failure is high – this needs to be factored in when designing your floor
  • Chemical Resistance – Chemicals are commonly stored and transported within the healthcare industry. Spills and chemical contact have the potential to be damaging, so this is an important consideration when choosing hospital flooring materials
  • Hygiene – Rigorous hygiene specifications are at the core of hospital flooring design, and at the forefront of required hospital flooring standards

Many flooring products we recommend in these hospital settings are anti-microbial and have chemically resistant properties.

This is pivotal in managing the quality of the production environment, to ensure that these highly regulated healthcare sectors meet their regulatory thresholds.

All hospital flooring solutions must meet the most stringent infection control, hygiene, and health and safety standards.

With every product used we always look at high-performance technology solutions that allow you to comply with these hospital flooring standards.

For more information on Healthcare Building Note  (HBN) Standards for Hospitals, click the link below:

HBN_00-10_Part_A_Final.pdf (publishing.service.gov.uk)

We consider these uncompromisable requirements and combine them with a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing design to create the best HBN standard flooring for you.

To choose the best hospital flooring for your needs, contact us at Surface Systems and one of our trained technical team will discuss your requirements and arrange a site visit to provide you with a quote for an appropriate Surface System.

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You will also have access to our excellent aftercare team, who can advise you on the maintenance and cleaning of your flooring solution. 

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