Flooring for the Food and Drinks Industry

It is now more crucial than ever to ensure your place of work is clean and hygienic.

The floor surface your business opts for will largely depend on what industry you work within.

Food and drink flooring, for example, needs to meet certain regulations and standards to ensure hygiene and safety of produce, as well as that of employees.

Selecting the correct flooring type allows for common substances to be efficiently removed, leaving you with the safest work environment possible.

These types of businesses may include wineries, breweries, butchers, farm shops and abattoirs.

At Surface Systems our 30 years of experience ensures we can work with you to install the ideal flooring solution suited to your particular business.

A resilient surface is crucial when your flooring is coming into frequent contact with corrosive products such as acid, chemicals and blood.

You’ll require flooring that can be easily and affectively deep cleaned, and you’ll want it to look good too!

Our team will be able to guide your company through each step of the process, from initial consultation through the installation and even provide the correct cleaning equipment or chemicals for the aftercare.

When installing a new flooring surface to your place of work that specialises in food and drink, there are 6 key elements that must be considered.

We have detailed these factors below.

  • Hygiene – flooring systems that can be easily and frequently cleaned
  • Coving & Drainage – Preventing bacterial build-up
  • Fire Resistant – Specific regulations must be met
  • Slip Resistant – Dependent on footfall, vehicle usage and cleaning capabilities
  • Impact Resistant – Are certain areas under high impact?
  • Chemical Resistant – Are corrosive substances frequently used in this environment?

To learn more about flooring surfaces specifically designed for food and drink, please visit – https://www.surfacesystems.co.uk/industry/food-drink-flooring/

To speak with one of our friendly team about your specialist flooring requirements, please get in touch via our ‘Contact Us’ page, or call us on tel: +44 (0)1803 868680

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