Pricing Considerations

There are huge benefits to installing a new resin flooring system in your business.  But is it expensive?

We understand that budget is a big influence in choosing the right flooring system for your business.  We are often asked, “How much is epoxy flooring?”

Our answer is always the same.  “We can’t give you a fixed price.  There are a number of variables that influence the price.” 

Let’s take a closer look at these variables and explain how they can affect the overall price of your resin flooring project.

  • Where is your business located? 

We are based in Devon, in the South West, and projects that require our team of floor layers to be away overnight will likely mean additional accommodation costs.  

  • What is the condition of your existing flooring?

Is the quality of your existing substrate good enough for the resin to adhere to? Is it cracked?  Are there holes that need extra preparation and repair?  Extra repair work can mean more expense. 

  • What is the size of the floor area?

It’s probably unsurprising that a larger floor area requiring more materials usually means a higher price. 

  • What is the layout and accessibility of the floor area?

The Surface Systems team are experienced in installing industrial resin flooring solution across a wide range of businesses, be it warehouses or garages, dairy farms or crematoriums, food manufacturing or breweries – all varying in size.  A large warehouse will be more easily accessible and be a more straightforward installation than a space full of machinery and partitioned areas or corridors.   

  • What type of resin will be used?

Additions to the resin such as slip resistance and chemical resistance will increase the basic price of the materials.  Do you need colour? Will different areas need different colours?  Will the floor need resin demarcation?  As this requires extra planning and labour, it is again likely to increase the overall price.

We have excellent relationships with our suppliers and have a wealth of knowledge about the products we choose to use.   As with most things, the higher the quality the more costly.  But a better quality resin floor, installed by an experienced company, will maximise your business’s productivity, and be a long-lasting and worthwhile investment. 

If you have a resin flooring project you would like some advice on, fill out the form on our website, email us at or give us a call on 01803 868680.   We will design you a resin flooring system that will best suit your organisation. 

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