Resin Floor Demarcation Will Improve Safety

As manufacturing and warehouse facility owners, there is a duty to make sure the health of safety of employees and customers meets stringent standards.

Safety standards regularly change and our businesses need to be taking health and safety considerations seriously. 

By law, pedestrians and vehicles should be able to circulate safely with all traffic routes suitable indicated. 

Consider where line markings might be needed in your workplace:-

  • Creating safe zones between pedestrians and vehicles. 
  • Driver-designated safety zones.
  • Clear routes for pedestrians.
  • Colour coding to identify floor levels in areas with steps or ramps.
  • Highlighting high-risk or dangerous areas.
  • Parking bays.
  • Creating a tidy and efficient workplace.
  • Minimising obstructions.
  • Marking out hygiene and sanitation zones.
  • Evacuation or emergency points.

Line markings can fade or wear away, or may become damaged and no longer fit for purpose. 

Surface Systems can offer you a fast-drying, tough and resistant solution in the form of resin line demarcation.  Bright colours that are UV stable contribute to the overall efficiency of line demarcation.  Rather than peeling away over time, providing the surface has been adequately prepared, the resin will prove to be long-lasting and endure impact damage and abrasion.

Installation can be completed quickly and by using materials with fast-curing properties, disruption to your business operation is minimised.  We offer round-the-clock installation to fit the requirements of your business.

As a leading installer of industrial resin floors, Surface Systems can advise you on the best flooring options for your premises and we will design and install a range of functional line markings which will enhance safety within your premises. 

Working with us will give you peace of mind that your floors are HSE compliant, and your employees and customers will be confident that you have their safety as a priority.

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