What is a Hygienic Flooring System?

Never has the hygiene of a workplace been more important than it is now in 2021.

As the world is very slowly recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, the call for workplaces and public spaces to be hygienically aware has gained more of a footing on the international talking stage.

If your business operates in an area where hygiene is vitally important, such as food service or healthcare, you can be sure that your flooring is one of the areas of biggest concern, and keeping it clean enough may not be possible without specialist flooring designed for that purpose.

The Benefits of Installing Hygienic Flooring

There are many businesses and establishments that will benefit from not only hard-wearing flooring but flooring that is certified hygienic.

Environments that are prone to getting wet, such as hospitals and wet rooms in sports centres and public toilets, etc need a non-porous material that can handle surface moisture and not allow it to soak in before it is cleaned away. 

This is especially important for healthcare and factories that deal with wet chemicals, as spillages such as blood or chemicals may prove dangerous and hazardous to human health.

The flooring in these areas in particular needs to be able to hold the liquid and not allow it or any part of it to seep through while clean-up is happening.

Speaking of healthcare settings, the smooth and seamless nature of hygienic resin flooring is ideal if a floor where bacteria cannot flourish is needed.

With more traditional flooring, like tiles or even hardwood, the grout will eventually degrade and allow bacteria to hide and multiply, causing a long-term health hazard.

Hygienic resin flooring doesn’t have this issue, and it can be cleaned easily and simply to stop the harbouring of harmful bacteria before it has the chance to spread and cause problems.

Another often overlooked benefit of hygienic flooring is that it can be installed on a very slight slope if required, this will allow any liquid to run down towards a drainage system.

This is particularly helpful in situations such as showers and wet rooms where the greywater needs to be drained but isn’t considered a health hazard in a medical sense.

How We Install Hygienic Flooring

Hygienic flooring requires a little more effort to install over traditional flooring, but our professional team work quickly and efficiently, causing minimal disruption to your premises and work area.

Our expert team can use pouring resin up to the level required on any floor, this may mean up to the level of any flooring drains, or side drains on a slight slope to allow liquids to drain away into the sewage and waste system.

We ensure that, on sites where drainage is used, our floors drain into the drains without any upwards slopes to keep things moving.

Options for Your Flooring

Other options for your flooring may include anti-slip treatment to keep your flooring safer for longer as well as a damp-proof membrane to protect the concrete blow -particularly useful in very wet environments like changing rooms and wet rooms.

If your floor is going to be subject to a lot of traffic, either footfall, equipment, or machinery, we’ll suggest the right thickness of resin so that your floor will be durable and remain in top condition for the longest amount of time possible.

Give the team at Surface Systems a call today, our friendly team will be happy to talk you through your options and provide you with a quote.

To speak with one of our friendly team about your specialist flooring requirements, please get in touch via our ‘Contact Us’ page, or call us on tel: +44 (0)1803 868680

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