Why is the quality of your factory flooring so important?

Flooring is often overlooked in industry however installing the right flooring system plays a key part in running a successful and compliant operation.

A busy factory needs a long-lasting and durable floor that will withstand the heavy weight of machinery and equipment.  It needs to be resistant to physical impacts, abrasions, and exposure to chemicals, oils and other substances that might spill or leak on the floors.

Having high-quality flooring installed in a factory contributes to maintaining a clean and hygienic environment that complies with health and safety standards.  Resin flooring also protects the concrete subfloor.

High-grade flooring with clearly marked pedestrian and vehicular zones helps to ensure that workers can move around the facility safely and easily, preventing accidents and injuries. 

What do we suggest?

A resin flooring system is a cost-effective flooring solution for many industries and meets all the criteria specified by the needs of your operation.  When installed correctly, resin flooring offers a long-term solution that is easy to maintain and if necessary, repair. 

What makes resin the right choice?

Durable and long-lasting.  Resin floors are known to last upwards of ten years with minimal wear and tear.

Chemical resistant.  It’s highly resistant to all kinds of spills and stains from oils to cleaning chemicals.

Easy to clean and maintain.   Using hot water or cleaning chemicals, sweeping or mopping – a resin floor will withstand any cleaning.

Slip-resistant.  High-traffic areas may lead to slips and falls, but accidents can be reduced with a slip-resistant resin floor.

Moisture-resistant.  Ideal for wet areas such as commercial kitchens and showers.

Hygienic.  The non-porous surface prevents the build-up of dirt, bacteria and mould.

Aesthetics.  The appearance of resin is flawless and can be customized to suit any space thereby giving a visually pleasing appearance.

Fast-curing.  Operation shutdown is minimal and with an efficient and flexible installation team, disruption to your business can be reduced.

Why choose Surface Systems as your industrial resin flooring installation team?

With over 75 years of experience in the industry, our team have the knowledge to specify and install the right resin flooring system to suit the needs of your business. 

We believe in high quality, cost-effectiveness and longevity and our unrivalled customer service will provide you with the best service from initial enquiry to completion.

We understand the products we specify and will achieve the best results for you.

Give us a call today at 01803 868680 or visit our website www.surfacesystems.co.uk and complete the online form. 

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