Surface Preparation

Preparing your floor is the most important part of the process of installing a new floor. Without a prepared sub floor to work on, there is a good chance that you won’t be happy with the final result, and neither will we.  This means removing laitance on new concrete, floor coatings and dirt or contamination […]

Maintenance & Repairs

Damage to commercial or industrial floors is to be expected. This can be from impact damage from hard wheels, pallet trucks, racking, or even just heavy foot traffic.  Overall, resin floors take quite a beating. Although resin floors take the brunt, it is still stronger than having just concrete. Repairing a resin floor has never […]

Line Markings

Health and safety for your employees, customers, and clients, in any commercial or industrial workplace, is no doubt your number one priority. Coloured epoxy resin is used to mark out clearly walkways, product storage areas, parking bays, traffic routes, and keep clear zones. Resin floor demarcation works a lot better than floor marking tape as […]


At Surface Systems our expert team can supply and install a wide range of stainless-steel drainage channels in corrosion resistant and pickle passivated 304 grade austenitic stainless steel and for the more aggressive environments 316 grade.  Options are either modular channels or bespoke to meet your exact requirements together with a variety of grates that […]