Mortuaries, Garages and Post-Mortem Facilities

Mortuary and post-mortem facilities must be designed to ensure the highest levels of hygiene are met.  By choosing a floor with a seamless and impervious coving and finish, the spread of bacteria can be prevented and the chance of bacteria building up in cracks and hard-to-clean corners will be minimised.   Mortuaries and post-mortem facilities undergo […]

Farming and CIP Rooms

Installing suitable flooring that maintains the highest levels of hygiene in dairies and clean-in-place rooms will ensure EC regulations and HACCP standards are met.  Key considerations: HACCP Compliance – Food safety management should be based in HACCP principles, ensuring risks are removed or reduced to safe levels. Hygiene – Reduce the risk of contamination by […]

Leisure & Retail Flooring

From clothing stores to butchers and sports halls, there is a broad range of needs that a leisure and retail flooring solution needs to address across the wide variety of leisure and retail operators. Whether it’s an out of town shopping centre, a retail store, a sports stadium, a hotel, a restaurant or any other […]

Industrial Flooring

Warehouse Safety Flooring - Commercial & Industrial Specialists - Surface Systems South West

Are you looking for industrial flooring that’s guaranteed to be durable, hygienic and safe for employees? Warehouse flooring, factory flooring, garage flooring and other types of industrial flooring are constantly exposed to rough treatment. This often includes heavy traffic from machines, vehicles and people. Installing professional-grade heavy duty resin flooring is an investment in your […]

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Flooring

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical environments have some of the most demanding requirements for cleanliness and hygiene.  It is critical in these industries that bacteria and dust can be controlled and a seamless resin flooring solution is key to delivering this. Many flooring products that we recommend and install in these clinical environments have chemically resistant properties […]

Education Flooring

The quality and design of a floor in an educational establishment has a significant impact on the visual impression of the facilities and flooring is integral to any new build or refurbishment project. The right choice of education flooring solution can be transformational to the educational environment, turning dull rooms into inspirational learning zones. With a […]

Commercial Flooring

Are you looking to install a stylish new commercial flooring which is durable, easy to clean and safe while giving an outstanding impression to customers? Whether you run an intimate boutique or a large retail space, high-quality commercial flooring from Surface Systems, a leading South-West resin floor company, is the smart solution. Commercial flooring supplier […]

Automotive & Transport Flooring

The automotive and transport industries have a broad range of requirements and flooring needs from the manufacturing facilities of engineered components, paint shops, the functional spaces of garages and engineering spaces to the retail showrooms of dealerships. Each space is unique and has its own specific requirements from being able to clean easily from oil […]