MMA Systems

MMA flooring systems are customisable and hard-wearing, resulting in smooth, sleek floors.  Developed using a methyl methacrylate (MMA) catalyst, the clever chemical structure makes it an ideal flooring system for fast turnaround projects which need to be completed within tight deadlines.

Decorative flakes can be applied at a thickness of 3-5mm to match newly installed systems to existing flooring and styles can be textured (broadcast) or quartz trowelled at 4-6mm, with slip and chemical resistance.

Flowcrete – Flowfast Quartz

Flowfast Quartz has been developed to provide a range of commercial environments with a hard-wearing, fast curing methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin floor topping suitable for areas subject to heavy pedestrian traffic. It is made from decorative colour stable quartz granules in a clear resin binder and combines high performance and an attractive finish with a rapid installation speed.

Flowfast Quartz consists of three systems designed for different environments.  Classic – exceptional impact resistance.  Classic for Wet Areas – slip and chemically resistant with a satin finish.  Structure – combined textured ‘scatter and seal’ finish with enhanced slip resistance. 

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Resin Building Products – Resbuild MMA Colourcoat

Resbuild MMA Colourcoat is a two-pack, fast curing coating designed to provide a dust-free, decorative, seamless finish.  The coating’s slip resistance may be heightened by the inclusion of a suitable slip-resistant dressing aggregate.   The product is hot water and fat resistant to 80°C and has a fast curing time.

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Resin Building Products – Resbuild MMA Smoothscreed

Resbuild MMA Smoothscreed is designed to provide a hardwearing, impervious floor finish which is hygienic and easy to clean.  

It has an attractive finish with excellent resistance to a variety of chemicals and is suitable for a wide range of light industrial environments. The product exhibits very fast curing characteristics allowing a full return to service after 2 hours and is typically laid at a thickness of 2-4mm.

The aesthetic finish may be augmented by incorporating a decorative flake or coloured Quartz broadcast.

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