7 Benefits of Resin Flooring for the Automotive and Transport Industry

Working in the transport and automotive industry, our clients need a hardwearing floor that is fit for purpose as well as a floor that looks good for customers when they come in.

Anyone who works with cars, bikes, and other transport vehicles will understand how much the flooring of the workshop or garage goes through, from chemical spillages to high footfall, heavy machinery and dropped tools.

The floor surface needs to be able to cope with rigours of everyday use.

Epoxy Resin Floors

Here at Surface Systems, we recommend epoxy resin flooring for our transport and automotive customers.

If you run a garage, have a car repair and service company, or a bike service and repair centre, epoxy resin flooring will be able to cope with all of your needs.

Epoxy resin floors can be laid over most substrate flooring, subject to a check beforehand to make sure.

Our expert team will be able to talk through your requirements with you to make sure you get the best flooring for your particular application and will recommend any improvements that need to be done to the substrate flooring before we proceed.

The Benefits of Resin Flooring

Using resin flooring in the automotive industry is not new, it’s a technique that has been around for many decades.

There have been several advancements in resin flooring over the last few years, making this a versatile and cost-effective solution for clients across the transport industry.

Here are seven benefits of resin flooring, specifically for the automotive and transport industries.

Quick to Install

We understand that time is money when it comes to having your workshop or garage out of action, and with resin flooring, we can reduce the downtime and get your business up and running again quickly.

Epoxy resin flooring typically takes around three to four days from start to finish, that includes clearing the area, preparing the substrate floor, applying the resin and letting it cure.

Colour Options

Does it matter the colour of your floor? In all honesty, yes! There are two main reasons our customers love the colour options for their resin flooring: for safety and for aesthetics.

For Safety

Epoxy resin flooring can be coloured to designate specific zones or walkways, this is vital in high footfall places that need to ensure the safety of both employees and members of the public.

Our epoxy resin installers will be able to create safety markings and coloured zones to help you keep things organised and safe for everyone using your flooring.

For Aesthetics

While many people may not give a second thought to the ‘look’ of the floor, when you walk into a garage or workshop that has a professional-looking floor, you definitely get the ‘wow’ factor.

Creating the right first impression that you want your customers to feel when they walk into your premises.


Safety is a big issue for any business, whether they have members of the public on-site or not. We understand that your top priority is keeping your employees safe, which is why our epoxy resin floors come with a non-slip surface to help everyone keep their grip as they move around.

This non-slip surface is hard-wearing and won’t wear down quickly, meaning your floor is safer for longer.

Non-Porous and Seamless

Any business that works with vehicles will know that things can get dirty quite quickly. Grease, oil, petrol, diesel, and all kinds of other chemicals and liquids may be used, and a porous floor will quickly begin to look bad and may even become a safety concern or fire hazard.

With epoxy resin flooring, this is a worry you don’t need to have.

Liquids will not seep through, rather sitting on the surface until they are cleaned up and there are no seams in your floor for liquids to find an escape route, leading to safer and cleaner floors.


Our epoxy resin floors are designed to last the test of time. 

While every situation is different, in general, we’d expect an automotive resin floor to last many years before it needs replacing or any intensive repairs.

Durable and Hard Wearing

The automotive and transport industry is a unique business that requires a unique flooring solution. 

For most workshops and garages, floors are put under an immense amount of pressure from both the high footfall and the sheer weight of the vehicles.

A resin floor is very durable and hardwearing, our expert team will ensure you have exactly the right mix to be able to deal with these pressures, especially if your business is in repairs where machinery is likely to be extremely heavy and the chance of tools being dropped is high.

Low Maintenance

One of the worse jobs for any business is cleaning up at the end of the day. With a traditional concrete floor, this can be especially difficult requiring a lot of sweeping and effort to make sure everything is clean and tidy.

Concrete floors especially tend to hold onto a lot of dirt and dust which can also build up over time.

These are not problems you’ll face with an epoxy resin floor. Our seamless non-slip flooring is easy to sweep and easy to wipe clean, meaning your end of the day clean-up will take hardly any time at all.

Get in Touch

Are you thinking about upgrading your workshop, garage, or service centre flooring?

Give the team here at Surface Systems a call on 01803 868680 and we’ll talk you through your options for your business.

We look forward to working with you.

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