Is Anti-Static Flooring Right for Your Business?

Choosing the right flooring is a difficult task for any business.  The technical benefits of a floor are as important a consideration as the aesthetics, cost, and durability. 

Our team of experts at Surface Systems will help you consider the types of anti-static flooring available, what it’s necessary for and the benefits it will bring to your business. 

What do you know about anti-static flooring?

Electro-static discharge (ESD) is a pulse of static electricity that is produced when a charged person or a charged surface comes into contact with another object.  It is created in many industrial environments where different manufacturing processes occur.    

Most of the time it is a harmless ‘shock’ but in some environments, it can be hazardous. 

Static build-up tends to dissipate on a concrete floor, however, the insulating layer is where problems such as dust sticking to electrically charged surfaces, can occur. 

Ask yourself these questions. 

Are volatile substances handled in your workplace? 

Does your business use sensitive electronic equipment? 

Do you have regular wheeled and foot traffic on your floors?

Does your process involve ATEX/explosive atmospheres?

How will an anti-static floor help?

Installing an anti-static flooring system will safely ground and dissipate the natural build-up of static electricity before it has the chance to discharge and cause damage or injury. 

The risk of an explosion in your workplace and subsequent injury to your employees and customers, and potential damage to machinery and products caused by this static electricity, will be minimised.

How can we help you?

Surface Systems understands that every business is different, and we will tailor anti-static flooring specific to the requirements of your business. 

We use high-quality, high-performance anti-static Flowcrete products each with its own specific properties, individual benefits, and different finishes.   

The combination of using specialist products and our exceptionally high standards of fitting flooring systems will ensure you are provided with a floor that offers outstanding anti-static performance. 

For technical information on Flowcrete’s anti-static products  

Why choose Surface Systems?

We have completed over 4000 projects and pride ourselves on a base of clients working with us time and again.

Our reputable technical expertise and first-class customer service will ensure we find you the right flooring solution for your business.

We will be with you every step of the process, from initial consultation to installation and aftercare.

Give our team at Surface Systems a call on 01803 868680 or email for advice on the right anti-static flooring system for your business.

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