Preparation is key

We all expect our floors to have a perfect finish and good preparation is key to obtaining this perfect finish. 

Without the correctly prepared sub-floor there is a good chance that the resin flooring installation will fail which is costly and disruptive to your operation.  A surface that has not been properly prepared will not allow the new surface coating to bond and wear effectively.

Resin floors need a good substrate with a minimum strength of between 25N/mm² – 30N/mm², to adhere to.  Repairs to any existing floor damage such as cracks will ensure a uniform floor surface to work with.

How is the floor prepared?

Laitance on new concrete, dirt, old floor coatings, and contamination that has built up over time first needs removing. 

At Surface Systems we have three proven methods which are commonly used.  These are closed-circuit shot blasting, diamond grinding and dust-extracted planing.

Vacuum extraction systems attached to floor preparation machinery ensure an almost dust-free process. 

Multi-head HTC diamond grinding equipment, closed-circuit shot blasting units, and scabbling/planing machines easily cut through latex, adhesive and resin coatings and screeds.

What is closed-circuit shot blasting?

Close circuit shot blasting prepares the substrate and provides a mechanical key for the resin to adhere to.  This process fires steel balls onto the surface which will remove the coating and the machine will then vacuum the steel balls with the dust, recycling the steel balls to be re-used.  

This method is best used for applying thicker coatings such as epoxy screeds or polyurethane screeds.  

What is diamond grinding?

Diamond grinding is versatile, quick, effective and easy to use.  It gives a uniform finish for thin-film coatings and high-build epoxy coatings.    It is ideal for removing existing thin epoxy coatings, paint, and adhesive and it can cover large areas. 

It can also re-profile the concrete floor if that is required and it allows work close to walls’ edges.  If space at your premises is limited we have a hand-held option.

Shot blasting together with diamond grinding can be combined to prepare floors where thin epoxy coatings are being used.

What is dust-extracted planing/scabbling?

This technique is based on a drum rotating at high speed within the body of the machine. It creates a more profiled (ripple effect) floor.   Planing/scabbling is often specified for removal of high build coatings, thermoplastic compositions, surface contaminants in excess of 1mm, latex and polymer screeds. 

Get the preparation right and you can be sure your business will get the high-quality, long-lasting floor finish it deserves.

Why choose Surface Systems?

Surface Systems have a wide range of preparation equipment at their disposal, designed specifically to treat substrates appropriately.  We will assess the existing floor and recommend the best technique to use. 

Our team are trained and experienced with both the processes and machinery that we use.

We offer unrivalled customer service throughout the process, from initial consultation to installation and after-care.

Our experienced team at Surface Systems will prepare and lay your floors to the highest standard.  Call us today on 01803 868680 or email

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