Tips For Maintaining Your Resin Floor

The seamless and ever-evolving designs of resin flooring mean improved anti-microbial benefits, reduced bacterial surface growth and low maintenance.  

However heavy foot and vehicle traffic will undoubtedly mark your floors over time.  A regular cleaning schedule with the correct tools and products will help ensure your resin flooring stands the test of time. 

What needs to be considered?

Key points to consider are the specification of the flooring type and the chemicals and cleaning equipment that is best used.

To reduce the need for costly repairs, below are some helpful tips for ensuring your business’s resin flooring is long-lasting. 

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) principles stipulate that the food industry must comply with cleanability and therefore installed industrial flooring should be a balance of non-slip and easy to clean.

Resin floors are formed using a range of base polymers, such as epoxy and polyurethane.  Finishes vary and can be tailored to suit your requirements. 

Cleanability and slip resistance are key considerations. For example, a flooring solution with a built-in aggregate for non-slip purposes may well need a more abrasive cleaning technique. 


Newly installed resin flooring needs time to fully cure before any cleaning is attempted.  Resin is usually 95% cured within the first few days and fully cured within a week. 

Always check with your resin floor layer for fully cured timeframes.


Resin floor demarcation won’t lift however it must always be visible to ensure you are health and safety compliant and any risks to employees and clients are minimized. 

Daily sweeping and cleaning with appropriate products should be frequent and thorough. 

Check your products.

Cleaning products and using stiff-bristled brushes and scrubbing pads should remove grease, stains, and stubborn marks from your resin floors.  Always check before use that they are appropriate for your specific resin floor. 

Chemical spills should be rinsed as quickly as possible.  Chemicals that dry on the surface may become more concentrated which could lead to staining and damage to the floor coating.

Carry out localised cleaning trials on non-visible areas before treating the entire surface. 

This is a general guide to cleaning your resin flooring.  All our resin flooring systems offer unique characteristics each with its own properties.

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How can Surface Systems help you?

Surface Systems can supply cleaning products suited to resin flooring. 

We pride ourselves on our expert knowledge and experience in resin floor installation and maintenance.

No flooring problem is too big or small. 

Give Surface Systems a call today on 01803 868680 or email

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