Bakery Flooring Solutions

In a bakery, there are a number of specific requirements that the flooring must meet, the most important being the ability to ensure that production and manufacturing areas are always clean and hygienic. 

Maintaining a bacteria-free environment is critical to maintaining the high standards required in food manufacturing and the choice of flooring system is important in its role of maintaining integrity in the sanitary standards. 

Choosing the Correct Bakery Flooring Solution

Due to their physical and chemical properties, Polyurethane and Epoxy resin flooring systems are often used in food production environments.

Resin screeds offer a wide range of benefits which include:

  • Easy to clean, with a resistance of up to 120 degrees celsius.
  • Seamless flooring.
  • Very durable, with a high resistance to heavy loads.
  • Hygienic.
  • Can be laid to falls to aid drainage.
  • Anti-slip floor in wet and dry working conditions.


In a bakery your beloved ingredients that you use to make delicious masterpieces can sometimes end up on the floor.

This can cause massive slip hazards in the workplace. Therefore, to adhere to stringent health and safety standards and to avoid injuries at work, it is vital that you choose a suitable flooring solution. 

Bakeries need a floor to be slip resistant in both wet and dry conditions. Solutions such as polyurethane and hygienic floor screeds offer the maximum anti slip properties, which will give bakers confidence in their workplace. 


A commercial oven is the centrepiece in your bakery, and it can give off a lot of heat.

Therefore, your bakery floor may be subject to extreme heat with mass baking occurring daily.

To ensure the longevity of your flooring, it is vital that you choose a solution that is thermal shock resistant, especially near the ovens. Polyurethane screeds are very durable, can withstand temperatures of up to 120 degrees celsius, and offer excellent thermal protection making it a perfect solution for your bakery flooring. 


In order to keep a hygienic environment, the chosen flooring must be easily cleaned, allowing a full removal of bacteria.

A Polyurethane resin would be best suited for this as it can be steam cleaned up to a temperature of 120 degrees celsius. Resin screeds are also seamless, which ensures that the cleanliness and hygiene levels in the bakery are to the highest standards. 


A bakery can be a very busy and harsh work environment with the use of large equipment, constant cleaning, and extremes of heat. Therefore, your chosen flooring solution must be able to withstand these, it must be durable. Due to its exceptional durability Polyurethane resin is perfect for the job as it is robust and designed to be able to withstand heavy loads that thus gives it great protection against high abrasions and impact.  

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