How to Prevent Slips on Dust in your Workshop Floors

How to Prevent Slips on Dust in your Workshop Floors

Stop your Business Falling on Hard Times! – How to Prevent Slips on Dust in your Workshop Floors!

The slip risks resulting from machinery dust should be a point of discussion within any workshop environment that produces any form of dust.

It is well known that processing dust finding its way onto the floor in the workshop can make it rather slippery.

With workers finding walkways and working areas outside of the main workshop also slippery and making visitors to the workshop (such as office staff) vulnerable as they are often unaware of how slippery the workshop floors can be.

Slipping and tripping accidents can happen anywhere, but if you know that you have a workshop with dust residue, are you taking all the correct measures to protect your staff?

Over a third of all major workplace injuries are a result of a slip or trip. Almost all of these involve broken bones.

These incidents cost employers hundreds of millions of pounds a year in lost production and other costs.

Citation: Getting to grips with slips and trips Real workplaces, real problems to be overcome, real solutions, and real benefits.

They are the most common cause of injuries at work and they occur in almost all kinds of workplaces.

However, slips and trips are responsible for more major injuries in the manufacturing industry.

Statistics show that slips and trips are responsible for:

  1. Over a third of all major injuries to workers every year.
  2. 20% of ‘over 3-day’ injuries.
  3. More than half of all serious injuries to members of the public in workplaces.
  4. Costs to employers of £512 million per year.
  5. Costs to the health services of £133 million per year. 

Commonly, slips occur in contaminated underfoot conditions, such as dust on the floor.

Painted concrete floors of a workshop, even if supported with a filtration system, will still have fine dust (up to 10 microns), ventilation is effective up to a point however systems will often not pick up the finer particles.

Workshop floors should be measured for microroughness and its slip resistance.

A surface (with about 33 microns of surface roughness) will give very good slip resistance when clean and continue to retain the slip resistance when the dust is introduced to the equation.

A quick fix makes an unwise investment in warehouse flooring systems and owners find themselves having to spend time dealing with repairs and health and safety complaints.

This will not happen with Surface Systems! – Prevent Slips on Dust in your Workshop Floors

We are an experienced resin floor company with over 23 years in the industry, having installed long-lasting industrial flooring throughout the Southwest and built a reputation for high standards along the way.

Resin flooring is the gold standard when it comes to industrial flooring and we have access to a range of premium grade flooring systems, from established brands like Sherwin Williams, Altro, Flowcrete, Master Builders Solutions. 

Rather than being tied to selling you a specific product, we will consult with you to find the best solution for your business and your employees’ health and safety.

From design to finish: a full warehouse flooring service

Surface Systems offer a complete solution to warehouse and factory flooring.

We will discuss with you the variety of options available and give you advice on the ‘recipe’ you will need depending on your specific operational needs.

Resin-based slip-resistant flooring is also impervious to water and avoids the dust associated with cement-based floors.

This contributes to a safe and hygienic working environment for your employees.

The finish of your floor is vital to determine its surface resistance and overall appearance.

We can add pigment and create coloured zones, walkways, and warnings for a professional look which will impress site inspectors and encourage pride in your workforce.

Click the link to read more about the solutions we offer:

Warehouse Flooring

Call us on 01803 868680 or click here to complete our simple enquiry form and one of our team will get back to you.

You will also have access to our excellent aftercare team, who can advise you on the maintenance and cleaning of your flooring solution. 

To speak to one of our dedicated team of specialists, please get in touch via our Contact Us page, or call us on tel: +44 (0)1803 868680. 

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