A Few of Our Case Studies

A Few of Our Case Studies in more detail.

Over the years we have completed some very successful projects in a variety of different industries. From warehouses to motorcycle dealerships, we have been able to deliver high-quality epoxy resin flooring to a variety of clients.

We are so proud of the works that we had to share some of our favourite case studies here in our blog.

Below are a variety of examples where we have executed our top-notch service to incredibly happy clients.

Pharmaceuticals Company

We had the pleasure of working with a company initially as a subcontractor with a large construction company. After the work we produced in a difficult environment, they contacted us directly for other work that we could give our expert advice on.

Over the years we have completed some interesting projects for this pharmaceutical company.

They have been a joy to work with as access to the building has been easy to get to, especially working either out of hours or on weekends when staff is not around.

Across our many projects, we have successfully installed a thick epoxy screed to reinstate leveling.

A layer of the self-leveling floor and sealed with two coats of polyurethane mat seal, providing the pharmaceutical grade flooring complete with chemical resistant floor coating.

See how we got up to in our pharmaceuticals case study

Fire & Rescue Service

Another great project that we worked on was for a fire & rescue service.

We carried out work on their appliance bay garage flooring to provide an anti-slip surface, picking a mid-grey from our range of colours, as there were often spillages when they returned to the garage, and was a huge hazard, especially when being called out.

The organisation later merged with another service and brought us in again to improve both the original site and other sites in their area.

This all needed to be completed quickly as they could not store their appliances elsewhere. For this project, we managed to use a fast cure MMA flooring system that we laid with a thickness of 4-5mm.

Since 2004 we have completed over forty-five projects for this fire & rescue service, which is a testament to our solutions.

Read more on what we achieved in this case study.

Drink & Beverage Manufacturer

We successfully completed a project for a well-known drinks manufacturer back in 2018 and were invited back to talk about flooring issues that they had in their production hall.

Upon inspection, we could see cracking around the joint areas and minor surface damage in high traffic areas near the machinery.

They also had a problem with the floor lacking an anti-slip coating worn down from spillages along the production line.

After consulting with the client, it was decided that they wanted a slip-resistant and hygienic floor installed.

We were able to deliver a resin floor in accordance with their specification.

We managed to start early in the morning and finish late into the afternoon across the whole project, which resulted in us finishing the project early and within their allocated budget.

This client was extremely happy with the early finish as the production line had to be suspended during work on their floor.

Learn how the client felt about our work in this case study.

Want to hear more about how our floor systems have helped our clients?

Head on over to our case studies page to see more projects that we have completed.

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