Issues With Poorly Laid Flooring

Resin flooring should be long-lasting and durable – and provide a cost-effective flooring solution for many industries. 

However, if it is incorrectly installed, it may be problematic.  Let’s look at some of the issues this could lead to.

Dull or discoloured new floor.  Resin floors are available in a range of colours and finishes.  But the finish should look bright and fresh no matter the shade. 

  • The ratio of resin to activator should be exact.  Mixing should not be left standing for long.  Exposure to chemicals or the sun when curing should be avoided.

Choosing an experienced industrial resin specialist company, such as Surface Systems, to work with is therefore vital.

Peeling floor.  This means all the benefits of the resin are diminishing. 

  • This can be due to poor preparation – was the floor clean and dust-free?  Was it dry?  Was the temperature correct for the resin installation? Was the existing substrate ready for the resin?

The teams at Surface Systems understand the importance of preparation.  This might take up a large part of the installation process but without the use of the correct tools like grinders and blasters, combined with the diligence of our installation team, the final result is likely to be below standard.

Bubbling or pinholes.  Humidity is the concern here. 

  • If the concrete was new and freshly laid, a minimum of 28 days should have been allowed for before the resin was installed.  
  • Know the correct primer to use depending on the moisture content.
  • Use the correct roller – a spiked roller will eliminate bubbles.

Our extensive product knowledge means we understand our materials and how to use them.

Brush or roller marks.  There is an art to laying a resin floor. 

  • Using the correct tools will prevent markings on your finished floor.
  • Back roller for a uniform distribution – Spiked roller on a self-levelling floor.

Flawed finish.  This is down to getting the quantities right.

  • Too little resin mix means poor coverage.
  • Too much resin mix means the curing is uneven.

Our experienced team know the right products to use to get the mixing exactly right and understands the optimum temperatures to apply the resin in order to achieve the results.

We are reputable, have a wealth of specialist industrial resin flooring knowledge and we are highly customer focused.   

If you have concerns with your current resin floor, get in touch with us and we can discuss how to resolve any issues.  Call us on 01803 868680, email or follow the link on our website

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