Repair or Replace?

Repairs are often the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to repair damage to your resin floor.   Damage to your resin or concrete floor can create health and safety issues and, in some industries, have a detrimental effect on maintaining strict hygiene standards. 

Consulting an experienced installation company will enable you to make the right decision as to whether repairing or replacing your floor is the best option for you.  Continuous repairing and repatching may end up being less cost-effective and more hassle for your business.  Replacing the entire floor area may well then be the best option.   

Before a new resin floor can be installed, any cracks and holes will need to be made good.  Working with a professional installation team is essential to ensure the best finish possible.

The repair process is straightforward and will result in a smooth, seamless finish that will benefit your operation with a low-maintenance, strong, durable, slip-resistant floor.

Floor damage may differ and each system has its own method of installation.  Our technical team at Surface Systems will survey the area and damage before specifying a suitable method of repair.

Our experienced installation team at Surface Systems will ensure any repairs they do will have minimal disruption to your business operation.  We offer a round-the-clock service, fitting work into your schedule. 

How is the repair work done?

  • Damaged area identified.
  • Damage is broken out and removed.
  • Repairs undertaken using appropriate materials.
  • A resin coat is usually applied and can be matched to the existing floor.

Repairing joints that have been damaged by heavy traffic or chemical spills is completed in a similar way. 

  • Damaged joints identified.
  • Damage and surrounding area is broken out and removed.
  • Repairs undertaken using appropriate materials.
  • Joints recut and filled with a suitable compound.

As we know, drains are designed to eliminate standing water efficiently from the floor.  The floor surrounding the drains may become cracked due to movement and expansion of the drain over time, or due to erosion from surface water containing chemicals.  Once these cracks appear the performance of the floor and drain is compromised, leading to poor slip-resistance and hygiene standards.

Repairing drainage areas is similar to the repairs discussed previously.

  • Drain or section of channel identified and removed.
  • Damaged area removed.
  • Drain or channel replaced.
  • Screed laid.

At Surface Systems we have many years of experience in resin floor repairs and installations.  We offer our clients an unrivalled level of customer service, from initial enquiry throughout the entire project, be it repairs or complete reflooring.  To discuss your project or to find our more about our work please visit our website or contact us on 01803 868680 or email

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