Slip Resistant Floors – A Health & Safety Must Have

Slips and trips are considered to be the most common cause of injury in the workplace, leading to a significant number of lost working days due to resulting injuries. 

For most industrial and commercial businesses, installing a slip-resistant resin floor will certainly help prevent slips and falls. 

The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 requires employers to ensure the health and safety of all employees and anyone who may be affected by their work, including taking steps to control slip and trip risks.  (

How can Surface Systems help your business comply?

  • We have extensive product knowledge and over 25 year’s specialist industrial resin flooring experience.  Talking to us will give you a clearer understanding of resin flooring options available to you.

It’s important to consider the level of slip resistance needed for your business.  For example, a commercial kitchen or food & drinks manufacturing unit may require a higher level of slip resistance than a warehouse or aircraft hangar.  

We will evaluate how the floor is used in your operation and specify a resin flooring system suitable for your business.

In addition, we can supply and install stainless steel drainage systems, channels and floors to falls in wet areas.

  • What do we need to know?

We will consider what types of spillages you might expect.  How regular are your cleaning regimes?  What cleaning chemicals do your use? Are your floors always unavoidably wet or oily?  

Professionally installing a well-designed resin floor is an effective way to protecting concrete and will provide you and your employees with an excellent slip-resistant finish in dry or wet conditions. 

Why resin?

Resin floors are typically made up of a combination of materials, such as epoxy or polyurethane and aggregates can be added to provide slip-resistant properties and minimise the risk of falls by offering traction underfoot.

Whilst resin floors can be costly, replacing the entire floor is not always necessary.  We will assess the condition of your existing concrete or resin floor, to determine whether adding a resin coating with slip-resistant additives would be adequate.

How about aftercare?

Spillages, heavy machinery and heavy footfall can all affect the performance of your resin floor.

Properly maintaining the resin floor will make sure its slip-resistant properties remain effective.

Regular cleaning and regular inspections will identify any wear and tear.  (

Why work with us?

  • Whatever your requirements, we can guide you through the entire process from specifying a suitable resin floor system to fit your budget, to floor preparation and installation, and aftercare. 
  • Our teams are professional, experienced and will work 24/7 to minimise downtime and disruption to your operation. 

If you have a new project or you’d like to improve your existing floor to meet H&S standards, get in touch with us today.  Call 01803 868680, email or follow the links on our website

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