Line Markings –

Safety – In industries where vehicles and heavy machinery and equipment are in use, line markings define safe walkways, work zones and restricted areas, helping to restrict damage to buildings and injury to people.  Clearly marked pedestrian walkways, zones and emergency exit and assembly points will help people to safely navigate through operational areas, prioritising health and safety.

Efficiency – Clearly marked zones will streamline vehicle and pedestrian traffic flow and minimize wasted time by providing clear guidance for equipment and designated storage and stock areas, all of which will save time and reduce the chances of operational errors. 

Visual Management – Colour-coding and visual cues provided by line markings can convey important information such as safety protocols, use of equipment and accessible and restricted areas.  This will encourage consistency and communication whilst helping to reduce errors.

Compliance – Line markings can make sure your facility meets its legal requirements and complies with safety regulations and industry standards and maintains a safe working environment.

So why is resin commonly used for line marking?

Durability – Able to withstand heavy foot and vehicular traffic, exposure to harsh chemicals and different weather conditions.  The line markings will remain intact for a longer length of time.

Visibility – Resin can incorporate reflective material or glass beads to enhance visibility, particularly beneficial in low-light conditions or at night.

Fast-curing – Many resin products have fast curing times which allows for quick application and drying, minimising downtime and disruption.

Customisation – Colours used can be in line with specific regulations and requirements or can be matched to an organistion’s branding.

Environmentally friendly – Many resin products produce low volatile organic compound emissions (VOC).

Bonding – Resin has excellent adhesion properties, bonding effectively to surfaces such as concrete and asphalt.  Markings will firmly remain in place, even under heavy traffic or environmental conditions.

Overall, resin line markings provide businesses with a cost-effective and reliable solution to ensuring a safe, compliant and efficient workplace.  Whether its warehousing, industrial facilities, education, healthcare or food and drinks production, opting for resin-based line markings is the way to go.

As the leading industrial resin flooring installing company in the South West, we have over 25 years’ experience working on projects across a wide range of industry sectors. 

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