School and College Flooring

Educational flooring needs to be durable and easy to clean, all whilst keeping a professional look.

An educational floor takes quite a beating during its life, with the busy life of a kid and teenager!

Therefore, the flooring solution you choose needs to be able to withstand the daily footfall.

Resin flooring is a perfect solution to your flooring needs, as it has many safety features such as anti-slip and hygienic properties.

In this blog, we will be looking at some of the qualities that resin flooring solutions have that then make them a perfect fit for an education environment.

There are government guidelines, which can be found on the following link or give our expert team a call to find out the correct flooring suited to you.

Slip Resistant

Safety is a large concern within education environments, with the safety of students being paramount.

Anti-Slip resin flooring can help to increase the safety of your environment if you are looking to reduce slip from students running around, or staff carrying items.

At Surface Systems we also have the option of incorporating anti-slip properties into your resin flooring.


Hundreds of students walk through the education buildings every day; therefore, your flooring needs to be able to withstand this level of foot traffic over many years.

Resin flooring is extremely durable and hardwearing, which makes it a perfect solution for environments such as this.

Investing in good quality resin flooring will save you money in the long run as well, as the cheaper alternatives will not last as long, and will then need to be replaced often.

Low Maintenance

Once you have installed a resin floor, the upkeep and maintenance are effortless.

Our resin floors provide a seamless, smooth surface that has a high resistivity to chemical agents, and is non-porous, which makes it easy to clean.

The high resistance of our resin floors makes it a great long-term solution, as it is very difficult to damage or tamper with.

We can also provide services such as coving, which can be used to eliminate dirt traps where the floors meet the wall.

There is also the option with specific applications of having a solution that can withstand high-temperature cleaning methods, such as steam cleaning.

Professional Look

The finishing look of your resin flooring is a smooth and clean surface, which gives it a professional aesthetic.

Using various applications such as multi-layered floors can consist of decorative base coats or you can choose from a range of our extra services such as demarcation lines.

Demarcation is especially good to use when meeting health and safety requirements, this could include things such as labeling one-way systems or marking out sports lines in the sports hall.

There are also options for comfort flooring and acoustic flooring solutions.

Limited Disruption

When installing your new flooring we can be flexible and work around your schedule, ensuring that there is a limited disruption to the daily workings of your building.

In schools, this can be very useful, as it minimises the disturbances to the students and the teachers. Whether you require work to be carried out on weekends, or outside term time, we can accommodate your needs.

To choose the right Surface System for your education flooring, just contact us on 01803 868680, and a member of our trained technical team will discuss your requirements and arrange a site visit to provide you with a quote for an appropriate Surface System.

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