Surface Systems Packaging Flooring Systems

Packaging Flooring Systems

With our track record of installing packaging flooring, we can offer a range of bespoke solutions from our vast portfolio designed to suit each individual client’s requirements.

Our team of experts will find you the best solution for your business.

Heavy-duty Flooring

Epoxy coating, self-levelling flow applied systems, multi-layer flooring, heavy-duty polyurethane screeds, and offer slip-resistant options designed to ensure a safe working environment.

At Surface Systems, our packaging flooring solutions are designed for a wide range of work areas including:

  • Dry production areas
  • Wet production areas
  • Goods and work-in-progress storage
  • Warehouse
  • Hygienic areas
  • Changing rooms
  • Showers and toilet facilities

Our expert team will ensure a fast installation, meaning minimal downtime, with additional services to include:

Demarcation – the use of coloured epoxy resin to helpfully mark out walkways, parking areas, and hazard areas.

Chemical resistant flooring – a versatile and strong option offering most resistance to corrosive chemicals such as solvents and acids.

Slip Resistant Flooring – the potential for slips, trips, and falls in a workplace is high. These are commonly caused by obstructions in walkways and uneven surfaces. Preventing these accidents can be as simple as choosing the correct flooring.

Preparation systems – preparing your floor is the most important part of the process of installing a new floor. Without a prepared base to work on, there’s a good chance that you won’t be happy with the result, and neither will we.

It’s All in The Prep Work!

Why Choose Surface Systems?

We provide expert advice and superior installation to the packaging industry.

Surface Systems are the UK’s leading commercial and industrial resin flooring specialists.

The team has completed over 4,000 projects and has a client base that we are proud to have worked with time and again.

Our focus is on the delivery of the right flooring systems across a wide range of sectors and industries, with an unparalleled focus on customer service.

Our reputable technical expertise and first-class delivery will ensure your complex flooring problems are solved. 

If you require an industrial floor installation, give us a call on 01803 868680 or click here to complete our contact form.

Looking to have our flooring solutions installed, then call us on 01803 868680 or complete our simple enquiry form and one of our team will get back to you.

You will also have access to our excellent aftercare team, who can advise you on the maintenance and cleaning of your flooring solution. 

To speak to one of our dedicated team of specialists, please get in touch via our Contact Us page, or call us on tel: +44 (0)1803 868680. 

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