Easy Floor and Joint Repairs

Have you noticed a crack appearing on your resin floor?

Resin flooring is undoubtedly stronger and more durable than a concrete floor and can withstand heavy loads for years.  But you should still expect damage.  It is not indestructible.   It may have been laid onto a concrete floor with existing cracks.  The impact from hard wheels, pallet trucks, racking and heavy foot traffic will test your resin floor to the limits over time.

Cracks in the concrete may stress the epoxy and cause it to crack.  A damp environment may cause bubbling which will lead to cracks if heavy loads come into contact with it. 

Minor damage can lead to more serious issues if these areas are ignored.  Significant resin floor damage could lead to damage to the concrete underneath, meaning bigger repairs for you.

What is the solution?

Repairing resin floors is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, quick, and easy. 

Straightforward patch repairs can often be taken on by your own in-house maintenance team.  As a reputable supplier, here at Surface Systems we will source the correct resin patch repair materials and advise on quantities needed and the application of the products.

Larger areas of resin floor damage will need the expertise of Surface Systems, to ensure the finished resin is of superior quality and has the smooth and seamless finish we expect from resin floors.   This will ensure your resin floor is easy to clean and doesn’t attract dust or dirt.  And it will look great!

How will repairs affect your business’s operations?

We will ensure the process of repairing your epoxy-coated resin floor will have as little impact on your operations as possible.  Here’s what we do.

  • Identify the damaged area.
  • The damage is then broken out and removed. 
  • Appropriate materials are used to repair the area. 
  • A final resin coat is applied if required to match the existing floor surface. 

Simple and straightforward.

How are damaged joints repaired?

Expansion joints are necessary to allow for building movement.  Heavy traffic creates damage to these joints, which can lead to safety risks and potential damage to your vehicles. 

Industries that may find their joints break down more quickly include manufacturing, warehousing, and industries whose floors are exposed to chemicals.

What is the solution? 

As a reputable industrial resin flooring specialist Surface Systems will remove the damaged joint and surrounding concrete, carry out the repairs using suitable materials for the environment and recut the joint and fill with a flexible resin jointing compound.

It’s that simple.

Why choose Surface Systems?

Our experienced team at Surface Systems can offer you advice on your repairs. 

We have a reputation for excellence.  We will work with you every step of the way, from initial consultation to aftercare. 

Our team of experts have the knowledge and experience of working with a wide range of products to fix your damaged floors. Give us a call today on 01803 868680 or email enquiries@surfacesystems.co.uk

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