Chemical Resistant Systems

For the more demanding applications where enhanced chemical resistance is required, we offer systems that can be specified for applications other than concrete substrates such as metal, mezzanine floors, bitumen and asphalt.

Flowcrete – FlowChem VE (Vinyl Ester)

Flowcrete’s range of smooth coatings and linings systems use shrink-free, modified vinyl ester resin to offer an exceptional level of protection against highly concentrated acids, alkalis and solvents.  The integrated fibreglass reinforcement provides added protection against thermal shock and thermal cycling, and the range of resin types meets specific chemical and temperature exposure requirements.

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Resin Building Products – Resbuild Ultracoat

This is a two-pack, solvent-free epoxy coating that is fast-curing and has excellent resistance to aggressive acids, solvents and alcohols.  It is an ideal system for chemical bunds and as an internal lining for concrete or steel storage tanks.

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Resin Building Products – Resbuild Ultracrete

Resbuild Ultracrete is a rapid-curing, resin-rich, three-pack epoxy screed with outstanding chemical resistance to aggressive acids, solvents and alcohols.  It is a self-sealing system applied at a thickness of between 4mm-9mm depending on its requirements.

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Master Builders Solutions – Ucrete UD200

Ucrete UD200 is a heavy-duty resin with exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals, high temperatures and heavy traffic.  It is ideal for wet process environments and offers rapid installation, curing and ease of cleaning, with a temperature resistance of up to 150°C.

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Sherwin Williams – FasTop®Multi TG69

Sherwin Williams – FasTop Multi TG69is a heavy-duty polyurethane cement floor screed that has excellent resistance to a wide variety of chemicals and temperatures, offers a light slip-resistant surface that is suitable for use in a variety of wet and dry environments and it is resistant to abrasion and heavy impact.

Ideal for use in food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries to provide a long-lasting, durable and antimicrobial floor.