Flow-Applied Flooring

Flowable floor screeds are manufactured to produce a free-flowing, self-compacting screed, which aims to provide a level surface prior to the application of the floor finish.  Flowing screeds are available in various mixed designs and are used as part of many flooring systems

Mapei – Ultratop

Mapei Ultratop is a functional, self-levelling cementitious system designed to create flooring with high-performance properties, such as wear and abrasion resistance. 

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Flowcrete – Isocrete K Screed

Flowcrete – Isocrete K Screed is a high strength, semi-dry, cementitious screed incorporating proprietary additives, offering fast installation and cure.

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Flowcrete – Flowscreed Industrial Top

This fast-drying, cement-based, pump-applied floor topping can be used with Flowcrete resin toppings to deliver improved aesthetics and wear and chemical resistance.  It offers rapid installation and cure and an expected 8mm thickness on a reasonably level base.

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