Tips On Maintaining Your New Resin Floor

Many of our clients ask us how to maintain their new resin floor.  Regular maintenance will increase the longevity of the resin floor and give you the confidence that your investment was worthwhile.

FerFa, the Resin Flooring Association has some excellent advice on maintaining a rigorous cleaning routine for your resin floors

We’ve put together some top tips from their resources and our knowledge to help you to create a strict resin floor cleaning regime in your business. 

Daily Cleaning:

Resin flooring is one of the most durable and hardwearing flooring systems you can consider.  The unique properties of resin flooring make it ideal for a variety of industrial and commercial uses, be it food and drink manufacturing, engineering, warehouses, hospitals or prisons.  The list goes on!

For the performance properties of resin to work at their best, an appropriate cleaning regime should be put in place and followed, as soon as the floor has fully cured.  Different factors will determine this regime – this could be the type of resin installed, the frequency of traffic and the standards of hygiene that must be adhered to. 

Resin floors are designed to be high performing.  Thoroughly washing your resin floor each week will keep the surface clean. 

In most cases, resin floors don’t need much more than a sweep and a mop day to day, but this should still be an essential part of your daily cleaning routine.  Removing any bits of dust, dirt or debris from the floor’s surface will keep it free of scratches and minimise wear and tear.  

Resin floors won’t produce dust but other sources may leave dust to settle on them.  Heavy traffic and machinery may disperse pieces of grit.  Removing this dust, dirt or debris from the floor’s surface will minimise wear and tear.   

Warm water and a flat microfibre mop or scouring pad will be sufficient for ‘mopping up’ but for a more rigorous cleaning routine, these won’t cut it. 

Weekly Cleaning:

There are different options to consider – manual or mechanical scrubbing.

Manual Scrubbing:

Quite simply all that is needed once your resin floor is swept, dusted and particle-free, is an appropriate cleaning agent to add to clean water, a stiff brush and a squeegee.

Mechanical Scrubbing:

This is Ferfa’s preferred method for cleaning resin floors.  It is more controlled and more effective, ensuring a continuous supply of clean water and a rapidly dry floor. 

Specialist machinery can be used.  A horizontal axis machine is the best option for textured resin floor surfaces whilst either this or a vertical axis machine will be suitable for smooth resin floors.

The choice of using brushes or pads will be determined by the floor’s profile and the degree of soiling.  Brushes are normally better on floors with a raised anti-slip finish and textured floors.

Pressure Washers & Steam Cleaning Equipment:

A similar mechanical process but it is strongly advised that checks are made with the contractor or manufacturer as to the suitability of the resin floor for steam cleaning. 

A reputable and experienced industrial resin flooring company will be able to give you all the advice you need on the correct cleaning regime based on the resin products they have installed and your business’s operation.

Spot Checks:

You may find some areas are more soiled than others, perhaps from chemical spillages.  Resin flooring is water-resistant and often chemical-resistant but chemical spillages should be immediately cleaned both for the integrity of your resin floor and for the health and safety of employees and visitors.  As before, make sure dust and debris have been swept away before continuing with a warm water clean, and consider first neutralising the chemical spill with neutralising agents. 

Although usually resilient to spills and chemicals, if spills are not cleaned up quickly, some may cause the floor to begin eroding and lead to more permanent long-term damage.

Remember, different industries will have to adhere to different hygiene standards and cleaning regimes.  But here are our top tips for getting the best from your general cleaning:

  • Establish a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly cleaning regime that your employees or external cleaners will follow.
  • Remember, daily vacuuming and sweeping will remove any dust or debris which can cause abrasions to the resin floor.
  • Regular spot cleaning should be undertaken and heavily soiled areas treated swiftly.
  • Neutralise and clean chemical spills immediately.
  • Mechanical scrubbing is more efficient than manual scrubbing.
  • Ask the experts – your industrial resin flooring installers will guide you through the cleaning process for your new resin floor.

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